‘Love is in the air’, the actors are pure chemistry in HELLO! Turkey

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Do you already know the protagonists of the new romantic series? Love is in the air lands on Telecinco from Turkey with the promise of making viewers shudder with a love story between a florist and an architect. Hande Erçel plays Eda Yildiz, a kind-hearted young woman who lost her parents as a child and whose life is turned upside down when she meets Serkan Bolat, played by Kerem Bürsin. The two actors have counted on HELLO! Turkey something more about the new fiction that they star in and have shown their personal point of view on love. “What we call ‘relationship’ is an organic term, you have to feed it like a plant to continue living it,” says Kerem. “For me there is not just a little love. It overflows within me, so I cannot hold it. I think we must love to the fullest in order to live to the fullest,” Hande reflects. Do you want to see the sparks that jump between them? Hit play and don’t miss it.

Interview: Melda Narmanli Çímen
Photography: Cíhan Alpgíray
Stylist: Nílay Meral
Coordination: Sínem Kin
Barber Shop: Nurí Confectioner
Makeup: Ali Riza Özdemir
Video: Hakan Sözmen


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