Love Island goes into chaos as the Islanders activate Connagh

Love Island finally begins on Sunday night as the villa descends into chaos.

Two guys go to war in the aftermath of Friday’s dramatic recovery – and they too are dealing with a furious girl.

There were fireworks in the fire pit when Connagh Howard controversially chose to team up with Sophie Piper.

The furious Connor Durman, forced to make friends with Siânnise Fudge as friends, claimed to have been “kicked out” and that people were “dishonest”.

In Sunday night’s thrilling preview, Connor admits, “I’m sick of what happened tonight.”

Connor wants to take down his rival

Connagh has a fight in his hands

According to his friend, Mike Boateng adds: “There are many things he has done that are questionable.”

Meanwhile, on the terrace, Connagh is facing another problem while Siânnise Fudge feels she has been deceived.

Referring to him who chose Sophie over her, Siânnise says, “I just felt a little misleading. I, being there, felt a little rude.”

Siânnise kicks off Connagh

He did not say his name to the recovery

There is more tension when Sophie tells Connor that she will be hopping in her bed despite being partnered with someone else.

Connagh doesn’t seem impressed, but who will Sophie be with under the covers?

The next day, smiling Connor says, “He knows what’s going on. Let the best man win.”

Sophie has two men fighting over her

Grinning Connor seems confident

Viewers of Love Island can’t wait to find out what happens in the explosive episode of Sunday evening.

A fan said: “I can’t wait for some meat on Sunday I want a fight”

“The island of love was brutal !! bring on Sunday,” added another.

A third said: “Oh no love island, Sunday night will be fun”

“Thinking about the absolute scenes that will go out on Sunday,” said a fourth.

Eva hugged Jess after finding out she was being dumped

Eva consoled Jess as they went out for a private chat

This happens after the twins were dramatically torn to pieces when Eva was discharged from the villa.

Power was in the boys’ hands when they chose who they would join – and ultimately it was up to Nas Majeed to decide who would go away.

With both twins standing in front of him, Nas decided he had more than one connection with Jess.

The twins had an emotional farewell

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Winter Love Island

Turning to the rest of the islanders, Eve said, “Take care of my sister for me.”

Bursting into tears in the beach hut, Jess said, “I feel that no one understands unless you’re a twin yourself. He’s not like a friend or sister. He’s so strong.

“My whole experience will be so different without you and I will think about it all the time.”

* Love Island will air on ITV2 tonight at 9pm


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