Lucia and Isaac meet again in Barcelona



After watching the last programs of ‘The Island of Temptations’ it was clearer than ever that Isaac and Marina’s relationship had become past. As much as the reality show contestant suffered the greatest when she found out that her boy had had a late-night romance with her friend in the contest, it seems she was clear that she needed time to think.

And that time has not only passed, but Marina has to know that Isaac and Lucía are currently together in Barcelona. It has been the tempter himself who has posted a story on his Instagram profile where we can see the hand of Lucia, him and a mutual friend, having an ice cream in the hometown of ‘El lobo’.

Although Lucía has not shared that story, it has been Isaac who has put that story of his partner on his profile, the one who is witnessing at this moment the love that exists between the two protagonists. In fact, we have no doubt that the Andalusian was caught by the contestant, since in the final debate we saw her very emotional when talking about the romance she had with him.

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