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Some irredentist optimists think that the coalition between the PSOE and Podemos is giving the last gasps. This week nothing has been said more, in the Madrid galleries of whispers, than of the quarrel between one and the other. The last round of the internal battle began with the arrival of Bildu to the engine room of the State. Much of the government was shocked. Sánchez had to reassure the members of his party by letter after having silenced the restless barons. The problem was not only complicity with ETA’s heirs, but Iglesias’ growing ability to drag the socialists to one end of the board. The podemita leader no longer pastures only his 35 deputies, but the 53 that result from the sum of Podemos, Bildu and Esquerra. With that garrison he has imposed his law. First, he expelled Ciudadanos from the grid of budgetary requirements and then tried to unravel some of the agreements that were already linked with the moderate sector of the hemicycle. Hence the amendment, in partnership with his triumvirs, to the prohibition of evictions. Andoni Ortuzar, president of the PNV, gave voice to the desire of many socialists. “If I were the Prime Minister,” he said, “I would punch the table.” Iglesias’s cockiness, in fact, had gone too far and it was urgent to stop him dead.

In a coordinated action – it is supposed to be for Sánchez, but who knows? – five ministers came to the fore to air their differences with Podemos: Calviño, Escrivá, Campo, Maroto and Robles. Of all of them, the Defense Minister was the most explicit. He reminded Iglesias that he was not the president of the Government and that one cannot be, at the same time, on the blue bank and on the Opposition line. The answer was immediate. Hours later, the Podemite leader Ione Belarra, Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, dedicated to Robles a tweet that sounded like a shell: “When you are the favorite minister of the powers that want the PP to rule with Vox, you may be doing harm to your government. The stridency of the response shocked the portion of the Council of Ministers that does not speak to the other. Never, until now, have the discrepancies of the coalition partners gone so far. The context does not help to mitigate the confrontation. Podemos comes from winning the battle of the Budgets against Citizens, has imposed the normalization of Bildu against the criteria of the PSOE barons and has actively supported ERC’s claim to liquidate Castilian as a vehicular language in Catalonia. The pigeons are fed up with the progressive influx of hawks into government policy and have said enough.

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It was learned that the reaction of the so-called moderate sector was more important than at other times when PNV and JxCat dragged the three parties of the right bloc to a joint amendment in defense of the concerted school. The idea that PNV and Ciudadanos could appear together in a duel against Sánchez caused the foundations of La Moncloa to shake. It was an open secret that the ministers who hate Podemos were prodding Aitor Esteban and Inés Arrimadas to help stop Pablo Iglesias. Indirect pressure worked. Sánchez filled the peneuvista spokesperson with compliments in the control session on Wednesday and, the following day, Esteban came to the fore to confirm that the Government had accepted the package of amendments, including the one to suppress the diesel tax, which his group parliamentarian had submitted to the Budgets. In this way, the Prime Minister sent a message of calm to those who demanded a gesture of moderation from him in their alliances. Now, the battle continues with the problem of immigration in the Canary Islands.Podemos rebels against the European demand to prevent the transfer to the peninsula of Moroccan immigrants and threatens another Zapatista. Will the seams of the coalition be torn? Tortilla skewer and cane to no. Power welds it all.

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