Luis Saldívar lives a unique afternoon

The footballer Luis Saldívar Montes, who suffered an accident while riding his motorcycle, enjoyed a unique afternoon with his friends.

Friends and colleagues from some of the teams where he played such as El Tornillo, Bonetera Santaella, Unión, Familia Celtic, NOTICIAS-Jamesa, to mention a few, gathered on the Rio 7 field to carry out such a significant tribute.

Amid laughter, emotional moments and good football, this event was carried out to someone who was all dedication and an excellent goalkeeper and best friend, who at the end of the coexistence received a deserved recognition.

After six years of that tragic accident where he remained in a coma for 3 months, the famous Gigio once again stepped on a court and did it with the group of friends who never leave him alone.

Saldívar Montes entered the field under the guidance of two banners of the Celtic family, who offered him recognition for the effort and courage shown in this long recovery, with which he gave those who know him a very valuable life lesson.

Luis had the fortune to return to not only step on the grass, but to play in the company of his greatest friends in a meeting where everything happened and Gigio, as he is best known, continued to show that good level that he saw when he was in his best moment defending all three posts.

In the end, the football family and the honoree tasted some delicious tamales and healthy coexistence among all, who celebrated him with the shout: You did it friend Gigio, congratulations, and may the success continue!

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