Luis Suárez moves the world by helping those affected by Covid-19

Exposing all his solidarity, Luis Suárez decided to help a Uruguayan foundation that cares for sick children and also assists patients with Coronavirus.

October 15, 2020 19:02 hs

The monetary income to foundations around the world was completely affected during the Covid-19 pandemic, leaving without financial support all those places that usually help those who need it most.

In a great gesture of solidarity, Luis Suárez did not hesitate to support the Corazoncitos Foundation, which is in charge of assisting those children with heart disease, also providing great support to the families that accompany them.

The home annually holds a convention called Mega Strogonoff, and in this edition, for each person who makes a donation, a portion of food will be awarded to different families affected by the Coronavirus.

With headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay, the Atlético Madrid striker became strongly involved with his native country and supported the collaboration campaign to recover the money that could not be received by the government, which decided to invest in other causes due to the expansion of the virus that has the world in suspense.


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