Lukaku sends a message to Real Madrid for the Champions League match

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The Inter de Milan arrives on a roll to meet him Real Madrid. Both will face the next day 25 in a new day of the Champions League. The first after the national team break and with a lot at stake. Those of Zidane need to win and will travel to the Italian city with a warning: that of Lukaku.

The Belgian forward, who missed the first match played in Valdebebas, shone with its own light in the last match played by Inter de Conte. The Italian team beat Torino with authority. It wasn’t easy and it served as a morale boost for Inter. And, despite the final 4-2, the locals had to overcome a 0-2 with less than half an hour ahead. Real Madrid, which also comes with a draw against Villarreal, must be careful.

Especially with Lukaku. The forward already showed last season, and more in the final section of the course after the break for the Covid-19, which was one of the determining players for Conte. His great form is a fact and the two goals scored on this round of Serie A prove it.

Inter conceded the first goal of the afternoon in extra time in the first half. And, the second half resumed, he received a 0-2 that seemed deadly. It was the 62nd minute and Inter were aiming to score a defeat before facing off against Real Madrid. But everything changed. In 64 ‘he scored Alexis, in 67 ‘Lukaku did it, who would sign a penalty double in 87’ for 3-2 and add the three points. The icing would put it Lautaro, another of the most dangerous players in attack, right at 90 ‘.

Lukaku, key

The feelings at Inter are very good. And more considering that in three days Real Madrid will arrive risking their lives in the Champions League. However, despite the motivation involved, the Italian team does not trust each other. Lukaku, without going any further, conveyed that they still have to improve. “We are not yet a great team, because if we suffer like this, it is not good,” he assured Dazn. “We were in trouble, we played without determination, without desire. But then we woke up,” explained the attacker.

Lukaku was missing in the match that took place in the capital. But he does not want to take the position of leader. “I’m just a player who wants to help, I don’t like it when they say I’m a leader because we have a lot of important players,” he stressed. “I’m just one of 25 players and I want to help the team.”

Conte, for his part, stood out in the moments after the game that he lacked intensity, but he reacted on time. “You have to be willing to play, the rivals should notice it even in the dressing room tunnel. “As Lukaku assured, they are not at that level yet. Against Real Madrid they will be able to prove it and make up for the previous result.

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