by Jason Hall, Caitlyn Shelton, Kaylin Jorge and WZTV

Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0

The legendary superstar of the 90s, Luke Perry's Ashes, was scattered on his farm in Dickson County, Tennessee.

Perry purchased the 380-acre Vanleer land in the 1990s and lived there for more than 20 years.

Perry died of a massive stroke in a hospital in Burbank, California on March 4. The death certificate of the deceased actor says he suffered from the stroke five days before his death.

TMZ reported that Perry's body was transported to Dickson, Tennessee, where his ashes were spread on Monday, March 11.

The 52-year-old had a farm in Vanleer. Neighbors say the star would come to his farm to catch a break from Los Angeles.

Perry was often seen shopping for feed for his cattle in downtown Dickson or at dinner at Sisters Restaurant.

People in the small town told FOX 17 News that they did not know the actor well, but said they would miss him.

Perry also returned to the community during his time in Tennessee.

The actor teamed up with the charitable "Soles4Souls" in Nashville after the devastating floods of 2010.

On May 17, 2010, Perry Soles4Souls helped distribute water, shoes, and groceries in the pouring rain.

"We've distributed more than 1 million bottles of water and Gatorade along with sandals, socks, food and clothing to the needy," Soles4Soul's website said.

The organization shared photos of Perry on the day of his death earlier this month, mourning his loss.

"In memory of one of our most popular volunteers, Luke Perry," read an Instagram story. "Rest in peace."

Perry was best known for his role as heartbreaker Dylan Michael McKay in "Beverly Hills, 90210" and recently with "Riverdale."