If you have not heard it before, Apple recently announced the Mac Pro 2019. Aside from the fact that the base model is incredibly expensive, there are a few other things to keep in mind before considering purchasing the 2019 Mac Pro.

Do not get me wrong, I've been using Apple products for over 10 years and the idea of ​​editing videos and images on a Windows computer is not that exciting. Unfortunately, it seems that Apple has gone too far by upsetting its pro and prosumer user base with its latest announcement.

Yes, the 2019 Mac Pro is labeled as a pro machine, but that does not mean that the base model also needs to be ridiculously expensive and too weak. For example, for $ 6,000, you get a two-year-old graphics card, which is retailable for less than $ 300.

Why put a two-year-old low-power graphics card into a pro machine? How does that make any sense? Not to mention just 32GB of RAM and a tiny 256GB hard drive. If you want to edit 4K video, you're better off with at least 64GB of RAM and the Vega II graphics card.

For a Mac Pro capable of handling 4k to 8k footage, you'll probably be priced at $ 8,000 to $ 10,000, and this price does not include a monitor. Of course, you can purchase the new 32-inch 6K Apple Monitor for $ 5,000, but you also need to purchase the stand for another $ 1,000. Imagine a $ 5,000 monitor that does not have a stand and costs as much as an iPhone for a stand.

If that's not bad enough, what about the Mac Pro with PCI Express 3? PCI Express 4 will be available in July with AMD's new Ryzen 3 processor and AMD's Next Generation Navi graphics technology. AMD's new technology will be available in the next PlayStation 5 and upcoming Xbox.

In July 2019, you'll also find cheap motherboards that support PCI Express 4, which is twice as fast as PCI 3, which you'll find in the new Mac Pro this fall. It looks like the new Mac Pro will be outdated the day it arrives.

Perhaps Apple made a mistake early when it opted for Intel as a Mac Pro processor that does not support PCI Express 4, along with AMD graphics cards based on the previous generation AMD Vega architecture, and not for AMD's Navi next generation graphics.

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below. Has Apple gone too far in its profit motive? Is the Mac Pro outdated before it even comes out?