Mac sales are up 50% according to Goldman Sachs estimates

In Apple they can end this 2020 with very good figures. After learning that the iPhone 12 have been the best-selling 5G smartphone in the world during October, now leaked figures arrive desde AppleInsider coming from Goldman Sachs. And according to these figures, Mac sales would have risen 50% over last year during the third trimester.

They are estimates by analyst Rod Hall, who gives several reasons to justify this large increase in sales. Hall believes global computer sales are up due to teleworking caused by the pandemic, more than even Goldman Sachs estimated (an increase of 11%) to 18% more compared to the third quarter of 2019.

More computers sold, more expensive

Mac Mini

The average price of each personal computer purchased rises to $ 764So Macs would cover the high-end spectrum of sales. Remember that these are analyst estimates, not official sales figures from Apple. The closest we will see to that will be the revenue figures that will be revealed at the next financial results press conference at the end of January.

This may be Apple's 2021: Rumorsfera

The future looks optimistic for this sector at the moment: 2021 will continue to have restrictions (with the hope that they will be less thanks to the vaccine), so that the demand for computers will remain high. Plus, the arrival of the M1 chips and candy like a redesigned iMac they can be another incentive for more purchases.

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