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Can you imagine having a family member or friend who loves speed and motors and give them a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce this Christmas? Well, extrapolating the thing to the world of whiskey, it would be similar to giving him a bottle of Macallan. This Scotch is what is popularly called major words. We are talking about what it is, in all probability, the most prestigious whiskey in the world. The jewel in the crown, wow.

This year 2020 has been hard, very hard, and the total or partial confinements that we have suffered due to the coronavirus have affected all aspects of our lives.

Fortunately, not everything has been negative; and making out of necessity a virtue, sales of spirits have experienced strong growth, especially in the online mode, where you can find the largest number of references and the best prices.

Buy Macallan whiskey Online is the best way to acquire this high-end drink without the need to go to physical stores, avoiding those crowds that are the main causes of contagion.

Buy whiskey online For that family member or friend who is fond of good Scots, it is the best bet for this unusual Christmas.

Macallan, the best whiskey in the world

The Macallan house was founded almost 2 centuries ago, in the year 1824, in the Scottish region of Speyside.

The Macallan was already considered a first class whiskey since its inception, but over the years (and centuries) it has become the aristocracy of the world’s whiskeys.

Some of its bottles have reached galactic prices, such as the 60 years sold in 2018 with a label designed by artist Valerio Adami, which fetched an impressive price of one million dollars at auction. It has not been the only bottle of this firm to exceed this magical figure.

Don’t panic, these are collector’s bottles; we mere mortals can buy this whiskey online for about 50 euros (from there up, yes).

Why is Macallan whiskey so good and prestigious?

The Macallan house is committed to excellence in the entire whiskey-making process, from the raw materials used, to distillation and barrels. Logically, this affects their prices, which are not cheap, but those that cost are worth.

Macallan barrels are among its main differentiating facts. Its woods provide different notes to its whiskeys: smoked, spicy, fruity, depending on its different ranges.

The firm also has so-called single cask O rare cask, unique barrels with a differential flavor. For example, him Macallan 50 years It was born in a single barrel, providing a smooth, fresh flavor with wonderful notes of peppercorns and black currant.

The MacallanEven in its cheaper versions, it is not a whiskey to mix with any soft drink. Even great whiskey lovers doubt that it should be served with ice or water. Its quality is so extreme that any barrier between the drink and the palate must be avoided. If you have a family member or friend who likes spirits delicatessen, this legendary Scot will be the best gift you can give him this Christmas.


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