Macarfi debates on the gastronomic future of Madrid and Barcelona

What are the gastronomic expectations and opportunities in Madrid and Barcelona? This is the question that today, at the Old Estrella Damm Factory in Barcelona, ​​the Macarfi guide wanted to answer with a new debate in which Borja Molina-Martell (CEO Grupo Nomo), Nino Redruello (CEO Grupo La Ancha-Fismuler) participated. ), Alejandra Ansón (Co-Founder and CEO of Ansón & Bonet) and Pere G. Guardiola (Managing Director Godó Strategies) and who has been moderated by Manuel Carreras Fisas (founder and CEO of Macarfi).

During the talk, the different situations that Madrid and Barcelona are experiencing, at the gastronomic and hospitality level, were exposed, highlighting the peculiarities, challenges, and opportunities of each of them.

During the talk, the different situations that Madrid and Barcelona are experiencing were exposed

Furthermore, it was the first time that Grupo Nomo and Fismuler have joined forces to offer a shared menu. A meeting between two emblematic hospitality groups from each city that have made the leap to their non-city of origin. On the menu, dishes from each house stand out, such as the varied sushi selection by the Nomo chef or the mythical Fismuler cheesecake.

While Nino Riduello has highlighted during the debate that when they decided on Barcelona, ​​with its latest novelty at that time which was Fismuler, “we were surprised by the pleasant reception of the city, the proximity of the public, and the adaptation of the city to our gastronomic formula ”, Borja Molina-Martell wanted to point out that“ the joy of the national capital is breathed in all its streets and corners, being a constant gastronomic experience seven days a week ”.

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