MacBook Pro with Intel Core i9 is surpassed by MacBook Air with Apple M1 in benchmark – Isa Marcial

On November 11, 2020, Apple released three new computers, including a new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The important thing to note about these new models is that they come with the new M1 processor.

According to new Geekbench 5 stats for the MacBook Air’s M1 processor, it shows impressive results. Apple’s new laptop easily outperforms the 16-inch MacBook Pro’s Core i9-9880Hin both single-core and multi-core tests. Furthermore, the laptop uses a 10 Watt CPU that is passively cooled and still manages to remain the most powerful computer of the brand in terms of performance.

The Apple laptop runs macOS 10.0.1 using an Apple Silicon processor. Speaking of his results, he got 1687 in a core and 7433 in multi-cores.

Speaking now of the MacBook Pro with the Core i9-9880H, had lower performances. Got 1100 (-35%) in that of a core and between 6000 a 6500 (-15%) in the multi-core one. So the performance of this model is clearly below the new MacBook Air.

Remember that also we have a brand new new MacBook Pro 13 (inches), which does have ventilation, which makes the equipment faster since there is constant cooling. Therefore, the performance of this laptop will be better than that of any other MacBook Pro on the market.


Thanks to these Geekbench reviews, we now also know the clock speed of the M1 processor, which was unknown since Apple did not disclose it. According to the results, the base speed of the M1 is 3.2GHz, 39% more effective than the base speed of the 2.3GHz Core i9-9880H.

If all the information on Geekbench is correct for the M1, then we could say that Apple did a truly excellent job. It is significant that in a system without constant cooling with a TDP of 10 Watts it performs so well, especially when we compare it to the monster that is the Core i9-9880H processor with 8 cores + 16 threads of 45 Watt.

In conclusion, the fact that Apple said that el M1 is currently the fastest processor on the marketIt would be a truth and not a marketing phrase to sell more.

Despite the results, what do you prefer, Apple or Intel / AMD processors?

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