Madrid disappears in the snow: the winter chaos in videos and pictures

Madrid disappears in the snow: the winter chaos in funny videos and pictures

The metro around Madrid resembles a chairlift and the streets around the Puerta de Alcalá monument have been turned into a ski slope. The reason for this is heavy snowfall.

Madrid and other regions of central Spain are currently being hit by storm “Filomena”. According to Spanish media Madrid experienced the heaviest snowfall in 114 years at the weekend.

The storm had already brought traffic in the capital to a complete standstill on Friday evening. Air traffic was stopped at short notice. The game between Atletico Madrid and Bilbao on Saturday had to be postponed because the Basque team could not make it. The city was covered in almost half a meter of snow overnight from Friday to Saturday. The storm has claimed four lives so far.

The Spaniards have been familiar with lockdowns since the corona pandemic, but the heavy snowfall brings a completely new experience. In the Spanish media reports on an “unprecedented emergency” and even the “worst storm in 50 years”. Meteorologists had long warned of heavy snowfall.

Despite the request to stay at home, the Madrileño did not want to miss the opportunity to go outside to go skiing or dog sledding right in the center.

After the snow, the bitter cold follows. As of today, temperatures in the capital and other regions of central Spain can drop to below minus ten degrees, according to meteorologists.

But it wasn’t just the snow that set a record. Record temperatures of minus 35.8 degrees were measured on Thursday in the province of León, around 400 kilometers north of Madrid. According to meteorologists, these were the lowest temperatures ever recorded in Spain.


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