Madrid recruits retired health workers to give Covid vaccines

Monday, February 22, 2021 – 01:00

The work of the doctors and nurses who join the campaign will be remunerated and compatible with the collection of the pension

Vaccination in a health center in Carabanchel.

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    The last vaccinated toilets in Madrid: “I finally feel protected!”

The retired doctors and nurses of the Community of Madrid may be part of the vaccination teams against Covid-19. The Minister of Health is going to authorize his voluntary recruitment in response to the requests of professionals who want to actively join to help stop the pandemic generated by the coronavirus, according to a spokesperson.

In the order that regulates the process – to which EL MUNDO has had access – it is established as the only requirement that the retired toilets have not yet reached 70 years. The work will be remunerated, compatible with the collection of the pension and with a duration of one month extendable for periods of equal or less until the end of the state of alarm.

The management of the hospitals, Primary Care and Summa 112 will now have to contact their retired doctors and nurses to inform them about the possibility of reincorporation. The personal data of those who show interest will pass to be part of a professional exchange Those who can be used to carry out a massive vaccination as long as the doses committed by the Ministry of Health arrive.

In addition, the Government of Isabel Daz Ayuso has modified the regulations to allow public and private facilities and premises to be used as precincts for the administration of roads. Is the case of the Metropolitan Wanda, where as of this Thursday, municipal police, firefighters, Civil Protection officers and forestry agents up to 55 years of age will begin to be vaccinated, since the product patented by AstraZeneca will be used.

When the immunization process is extended to the general population applying the criteria of age ranges, sports centers and other similar venues will be set up in various municipalities of the region that have already contacted the Health Minister to make them available to them. The idea is to try to facilitate the process as much as possible when that phase arrives, hopefully it will arrive as soon as possible, so that it is as comfortable and bearable as possible depending on the place of residence, points out the Deputy Minister of Public Health and Covid-19 Plan, Antonio Zapatero.

More than 378,000 doses administered

On Friday, more than 378,000 doses of the 484,095 received up to that day had been administered in Madrid, 398,895 from Pfizer, 59,800 from AstraZeneca and 25,400 from Moderna. 95% of the elderly living in nursing homes and their workers, as well as 82% of health workers, have already received the two punctures necessary for immunity.

As the stages progress in the vaccination process, the target population groups will be expanded and it is foreseeable that the approval of new vaccines, together with the improvement of the supply channels of the current ones, implies a greater availability of vaccines that may require the need to enable and have spaces of adequate dimensions, as well as professionals, who make it possible to increase the rate of vaccination and reach the largest number of the population in the shortest possible time if necessary, they emphasize in the Ministry of Health.

To date there are 2,556 professionals qualified to carry out this task to which will be added another 2,000 that are being formed these days. They belong to the bodies of the Madrid Health Service, the Red Cross, residences, private hospitals, the Madrid City Council, Samur, professional health associations and occupational risk prevention services of security and emergency bodies.

Immunization Effects

At the end of January, when 28 days had already elapsed since the start of the process in the geritrics and the two doses had been administered, the cases of coronavirus began to decrease significantly in these centers, according to the head of the Covid-19 Plan. in the region: in the last three weeks and despite the scourge of the third wave of the pandemic the number of infected elderly has increased from 212 to 20, 86% less, and hospital admissions have also fallen, from 41 to five.

Along with the security and emergency personnel who will be summoned by SMS to go to the Wanda, this week the immunization of the more than 30,000 large dependents non-institutionalized regions and their caregivers. This sector of the population is mainly at home and, therefore, it will be the nurses from the health centers who come to the homes to inject the contents of the vials.

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