Madrid toy stores show “the most exciting B-side” before the coronavirus Christmas

The Madrid toy stores They maintain their “assets” in specialization and personalized customer service to face the Christmas campaign, with a certain “optimism “despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid-19 has changed the way of buying and selling. The online commerce, but the customer wants to go to the store and choose the product following the seller stands out from the sector. There they find “the best personalized recommendations for each client according to their needs or that of their children. “” Buying in a specialized store is always a warranty quality, they emphasize.

Game of the goose and ludo |Kamchatka Toys

“Many have decided to start ordering gifts from Kings”

The limitations of capacity 50% They have not been an obstacle to sales, although in some smaller stores, at most, there is space for three customers and the vendor.

Some sellers acknowledge that the season continues quite loose. “We live with a lot of uncertainty in the face of mobility restrictions. Many have decided to start ordering the gifts of Kings and be proactive “, he tells us Katherine Rodríguez, from Katmchatka Toys.

Kamchatka and its foosball tables |Kamchatka toys

“People want to choose and prefers to touch the product before buying a Christmas present ”, recognize. “In September we noticed a small rebound, but in the middle of the month we lived a downturn that worsened in October with the state of alarm. Although I would like to send a message of optimism, the neighborhood toy stores generate a much more exciting B-side in the face of the pandemic ”, he assures.

Kamchatka and its brass band |Kamchatka toys

The traditional toy gains ground

Traditional products are a alternative to video games, technology and hyperconnectivity.

“They are games that are shared a lot because parents want to remove children from screens. The theater, for example, serves to understand the reality of darkness with a lamp, you are able to recreate a universe with a blank wall ”, says the owner of Kamchatka, who highlights the increase in sales of puppets, marionettes, theater , puzzles and board games. “We are a reference in ecological toys and sustainability. Customers are increasingly demanding more board games or crafts ”, he concludes.

The settlers of ‘Catán’ |Archive

The boom of board games

Optimistic prospects also for Rafael Gomez, owner of Atlantic, trade specialized in items such as role-playing and board games. “We are working exactly the same as last year, preparing the Christmas campaign and Black Friday with the same expectations. We hope to make good sales ”.

In the case of AtlanticaMost of his clientele is in their twenties or thirties. They also have a large teenage audience. He acknowledges that the pandemic has highlighted the need to socialize in front of video games. “There has been a boom in board games because now you play much more with family or friends. And I’m not just talking about the traditional ones or the fantasy ones. Management games also triumph, those of letters and a variety that transcends science fiction ”, emphasizes Gómez.

The ‘Dixit’ board |Archive

Among the most popular he cites the ‘Dixit ‘,’ Catán ‘or even’ Virus’, a card game long before the outbreak of this health crisis.

“A child will never run out of Reyes”

The traditional Madrid toy store ‘Así’ It has stores in Arenal and Príncipe de Vergara. He faces the Christmas campaign with concern “because he has many clients from other Madrid towns, such as Fuenlabrada or Parla, who now” cannot travel here “due to the state of alarm. “But we have hope. A child is never going to be without Reyes. Although this year families allocate slightly less than the budget to Christmas ”, the shop assistant tells us, Montserrat García.

In some shops they have already noticed how the customer has begun to advance the purchases of Reyes. This is the case of ‘Así’, with a great variety of dolls, one hundred percent self-made in Madrid: “Our dolls are precious. Since 1950 we have the bomboncines, very similar to tummies. We have Maria and Pablo, Guille or Coque, in addition to Paper. There are a variety of prices and dolls, from 19 euros to three hundred ”.

The chocolates of Toys So |Toys like this

“Imagination is more important than technology”

“The public is delighted with the windows. Each doll has a name. We have winter and summer clothes for Pepa, from pajamas to sportswear. The ‘reborn’ are sold very well, with accessories from 99 euros ”, says García. “It is an old and traditional toy. Both boys and girls buy it. Imagination is more important than technology ”, he adds.

These are true 3D works of art whose manufacturing process lasts up to 4 weeks. The care is practically the same as that of a real baby. The “mothers” of these little ones take care of them, bathe, comb their hair and buy them countless accessories |Telemadrid

Christmas online

“There are many customers who have already ordered their gifts because we do not know what will happen in the coming months,” he acknowledges. Alberto Melian, from Electric Bricks. In this toy store, specialized in star products from Lego o Playmobil, you bet on online sales.

Belén Clicks from Playmobil

“This is going to be an online Christmas, with a lot of online sales, an increase that we have already noticed since March ”, Melian tells us.

Among its star Lego products are the classic construction sets of the City line (firemen, police or large collector’s vehicles), but characters such as Harry Potter, Super Mario, superheroes or the universe of Star Wars they have taken ground in the hearts of children and not so children.

Lego triumph among Electric Bricks customers |Archive

Playmobil has resurfaced in recent years, “it has grown a lot with eighties lines like Ghostbusters, Scooby Doo or Back to the Future “ added from Electric Brick.

“Lego has its plus in construction and Playmobil gives more possibility in games. They cover all audiences with universes like Magic, inspired by Disney, or the castles of fairies and princesses for girls and boys, ”says Melian.

Scooby Doo and his dinner with Shaggy |Electric Bricks

In search of the perfect toy

In an age of social distance, psychology plays a key role when choosing which should be the most appropriate toy for the education of our children.

Values ​​like sensitivity, social or emotional ties They are especially important as an emotional therapeutic strategy to counteract the effects of the pandemic.

All games, even individual games, influence competition when it comes to carrying out a task or even overcoming frustration ”, says the psychologist Roel García.

Many have imagined a game of Monopoly in which they can buy the city where one lives |Telemadrid

“Those that also involve sharing help develop patience. Although the current problem is the competition of the screens. A monopoly implies a multitude of values and helps train the mental agility and creativity in front of the video games or the screens in which it seems that they give us everything done ”, he details. And also, they help us to socialize more and better.

Manufacturers’ forecasts has contacted the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ), which does not want to reveal for the moment its sales forecasts for this Christmas full of uncertainty. The census of manufacturers is around 250 companies, with about 5,000 employees and a annual turnover of about 1,600 million euros, of which about 1,100 million belong to sales in Spain and the rest to exports. The Christmas campaign is the most important in the sector’s accounts.


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