Maduro on a possible dialogue with Donald Trump: ‘We would have understood each other’

The Venezuelan President, Nicolas MaduroHe assured this Thursday, November 19, 2020, that he had understood with the US president, Donald Trump, if you have established a dialogue Between both.

“We would have understood each other, Trump. I know this message will reach you, we would have understood each other based on relations of respect and cooperation between the United States and Venezuela, “Maduro said in an act of government.

In this regard, he stated that Trump wanted to speak to him “several times” and even had contacts “through special envoys“, but, finally,” the establishment forbade it. “

During the broadcast, Maduro said he received a message of “someone important” in EE.UU., who assured him that Trump wanted to talk to him and, if he had, “another rooster would crow.”

“But they sent Trump to the slaughterhouse, they sold him that (the opponent Juan) Guaidó he was the great leader of Venezuela and that it was going to give him the great victory of his international policy and he failed, “he added.

Instead, as the Venezuelan head of state continued, Trump opted for support a Guaidó and he did not dialogue with him, “a real man, a man with a word, a man who has a real people, who has a real Armed Force, who has real power” and “is not a stupid man playing power.”
“You preferred to bet on a fool and that fool led you to defeat,” he concluded.

The US recognizes Guaidó as Acting President Venezuela and not Maduro, a position that the opposition took on in January 2019 as leader of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament) after a personal reading of the Constitution that allowed him to be for 30 days.

This same Monday, the United States confirmed James Story as new ambassador in Venezuela, the first in ten years, despite the fact that both countries have broken their diplomatic relations and that Washington does not have diplomatic personnel in its embassy in Caracas.

The Senate of the United States confirmed in a vote by acclamation the appointment of James Broward Story, proposed last May to the position by Trump.

Guaidó expresses his satisfaction at the appointment of Story

For his part, Guaidó sent a letter to Story in which he expressed his “joy and satisfaction” for what he described as his appointment as ambassador to Venezuela as an “important step”, as well as “one more recognition of his successful diplomatic career.”

“This is a timely opportunity to express to you, on behalf of my country, our gratitude for your sensitivity and permanent commitment to helping and serving the venezuelan more vulnerable and make the fight we wage against the usurping regime of Nicolás Maduro their own, with the assurance that we will be able to rescue our democracy, “the letter added.

Guaidó was also convinced that under his new responsibilities, “the alliances strategic between “the US and Venezuela” in favor of the rescue “of democracy in the Caribbean country” and a prosperous and secure future for our continent. “


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