Arya Stark is not anymore.

And to celebrate, Maisie Williams colored her hair pink, then purple.

After playing one of Game of Thrones & # 39; The British actress says she can finally be herself.

"It is the first time that I have not had a contract for 10 years. So it was nice to be only 21 years old. You can go on vacation, dye your hair pink, there are so many things I would like to do in my job, "she says.


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"People have always said that you will end this, you will be 21 and have every opportunity, and I think it took a long time for everything to sink in.

"It is very exciting and I am confident that I will do wonderful things in the future. But it's also nice to take your time and find out what that will be. "

Arya will always be a part of Williams, who says she has greatly influenced adulthood.

"I do not know how I would get along without a show, I just knew everything, but … I really have a danger in me, well, I did it a lot of my teenage years," she says.

"My way of dealing with fame and the press, I took everything very seriously and was hurt by many things and felt all these emotions very intensely and I think Arya is like that.

"Things really affect her so much that she makes it her mission to have a list of people she wants to kill. I like that … ", she jokes.

In a London hotel, Williams, who grew up with two brothers and a sister in Somerset, England, is honest and funny, claps at high speed and jokes.

It's just as you would imagine Arya if she teleported through the ages.

Arya has become one of the most popular girl names, and Williams says she regrets all the girls named after her character.

"There will be all these 13 year old girls." Why am I named after an assassin, does not that make sense? ", She says.

So how was it going to grow up with a character taking a decidedly dark turn?

"They do not write heroes, they write real people who have shortcomings, and I think it's very important," she says.

"I think it made sense that she (she and Sansa) did not get in touch with each other wonderfully. As much as that was a shit and I did not like that people did not like Arya, I think it's so important that the characters are honest and genuine, "she says.

Williams, who is said to be communications director Reuben Selby, is active on the social media.

With two million followers on Twitter and eight million on Instagram, she had to face an angry backlash when Arya turned on Sansa.

"The fans have always been so dedicated, and although this comes with a lot of pressure and a lot of backlash, I find the fact that the show is making conversation really exciting," she says.

"I would never want to do it."

She admits that it was difficult to master the fame so young, and appreciates the friendship she has with co-star Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa.

"This industry is a bit of a minefield when it tries to say the right thing and then accidentally say and navigate the wrong thing, which is really difficult," she says.

"The fact that we were quite young and you are not open to such criticism in life, and suddenly you have to deal with a million people online and say (you are) stupid. It was nice to have each other. "

She was also glad that the sisters were reconciled.

"In this final season, the show really dealt with how their relationship works. The situations in which Arya was very brutal and the situations in which Sansa manipulated her were very different, so the two had very different abilities, with which they were in a crack at the beginning of last season, " she says.

She says it was a pleasure to play such a strong female character.

"You know how many times I've read a script and think, why are not they women? It worked so well on the show. "

She certainly has no shortage of work – in the comedy Then you cameanimated TV show Gene: lock and horror movie The new mutants and she has just signed a thriller The owner.

She also launched the Daisie App to connect young people in the creative industry.

She does not say who lands on the Iron Throne, but admits that the secret is hell.

"We all got a little storyboard as a wrap gift. It was the favorite scene of our character and mine was hellishly ruinous. I was shocked. I hid it under the bed. "

After shooting her last scene, she posted a photo of her blood-soaked trainers tagged "#lastwomanstanding #barely" on Instagram, which she shares until the very end.

The final season begins on Maisie's 22nd birthday, a decent decade since she shot her first scene.

She says she has to keep Arya's original little jacket, to which Sophie Turner, who was in the room, circles: "Her jacket, how the hell did you get that?"

Maisie replies that the costume department "likes me … (not) you" and roars with laughter.

Then she leaves, ready for her next adventure.

* Game Of Thrones, streams Monday April 15th on Foxtel.