Make your predictions for the final race of the main tournaments.

Predictions, Juventus and Liverpool

Who says special season, says unusual ratings. Facing the sequence of matches, Covid-19 that at times decimated the squad and the absence of the crowd, the leaders of European football were more inclined than usual. Some drowned, like Liverpool or Juventus, and others alternated between ups and downs, like Barcelona, ​​Real and Paris Saint-Germain, while Bayern and Manchester City maintained their rank. With the start of the final race, an overview of the problems in the various foreign leagues.

LaLiga: Three small points between Atlético, Barcelona and Real

The end of the season promises to be impressive in La Liga. After going alone for several months, Atlético (66 points) were stopped and Barcelona (65 points) and Real (63 points) came back at high speed. Nine days before the end, so smart that he can predict the future hero.

Barcelona, ​​who have maintained six victories in a row, are now showing more guarantees in the match, while Real have regained their great strength. The Classic on Saturday will be a great indication of the end of the season. If he participates, Atlético will have the opportunity to play well this weekend against Betis. Another verification date: May 9, when Barcelona will host Atlético representing Matchday 35. Behind this treble for the title, Sevilla (58 points), 12 points ahead of Betis and Villarreal (46 points) , should finish fourth.

Our expectations: 1. Barcelona, ​​2. Atlético, 3. Real, 4. Sevilla

Ligue 1: Lille in perfect shape, Paris Saint-Germain is no longer sovereign

Nothing is played in Ligue 1. Unlike previous years, Paris Saint-Germain (63 points) face a lot of difficulty and accumulate a poor performance, definitely turning their head towards C1. Neymar and his family, who lost this week to Lille (66 points), are second, three points behind the mastiff. While they have a pretty decent schedule, the northern club seems to be on a fast track to the title. Now it will be a matter of keeping a calm head as the achievement approaches.

This title fight isn’t just about Paris and Lille. Monaco (62 points) and Lyon (61 points) in an ambush directly behind them. Monaco is the team of the moment. For his part, Gones still faces three losses and a scoreboard in five games and has yet to face Lille and Monaco. In this “mini-tournament” with four, woe to the club that will finally finish, as it will not qualify for the next C1! For their part, Marseille (48 points) will try to take the fifth place currently held by Lens (49 points).

We expected: 1. Lille, 2. Paris, 3. Lyon, 4. Monaco

Premier League: Manchester dominates debate, cheers on C1

There is no doubt that Manchester City (74 points) will be the English champions for the third time in four seasons. Devastated by Liverpool in 2019-2020, the Skyblues this time left their pursuers no chance. After a slow start, Cityzens produced an impressive series that today allows them to advance 14 points over their neighbor Manchester United (60 points).

In the race for the top four, synonymous with qualifying for the Champions League, the Red Devils enjoy a comfortable lead over the competition. In the back, the fight promises to be tough with the last two innings. Rather, it is a surprise, Leicester (56 points) and West Ham (52 ​​points) are masters of their destiny with eight days to go. But the giants Chelsea (51 points), Tottenham (49 points), Liverpool (49 points) and Everton (47 points, one game less) did not have their last word. On the other hand, Arsenal (42 points) are out of reach and even a place in the European League seems unlikely.

Notre word: 1. Man City, 2. Man United, 3. Leicester, 4. Chelsea

Serie A: After 11 years, Juventus must limit the damage

Long neck and neck with his rival Milan, Inter (68 points) flew away and we see nothing that could prevent him from being Italian champion again, 11 years after his last coronation. Romelu Lukaku’s teammates lead the team by eight points with one game less than Milan (60 points) who currently lead in the water.

After dreaming of the title, the Rossoneri must now return to headquarters and make sure they return to C1. It will not be easy, because the stalkers are coming strong, like Atalanta (58 points), Juventus (56 points) and Napoli (56 points). These last two will meet this Wednesday for a late match, and the winner will hit at the start of this last race. At the rear, Lazio (52 points) and Roma (51 points) should compete for sixth place. The seventh-place club will move to the Conference League.

Boston is the exhibition: 1. Between 2. Milan, 3. Inter Milan, 4. Naples

German League: Established Bayern Munich

Without a doubt, the tournament where there is less suspense. Bayern (64 points) lead by seven lengths over Leipzig (57 points), with seven days to go. The Bavarians should be able to claim the ninth title in a row. The race for the Champions League also seems to continue.

In addition to the two clubs already mentioned, Wolfsburg (54 points) and Frankfurt (50 points) are off to a good start to finish fourth. Except in the case of recovery, it seems that Dortmund (43 points) are out of reach and will have to secure fifth place, while Leverkusen (43 points) will count the same number of points.

Palabra de Nutr: 1st Baviera, 2nd Leipzig, 3rd Wolfsburg, 4th Frankfurt

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