Malcolm & Marie, Community, Darth Maul-Comeback

Two weeks have passed again, you know what that means: Heim Kino issue # 02 is here! Our two presenters Chris Fußy and Maci Naeem Cheema are discussing the controversial Netflix film intensively “Malcolm and Marie“. That of filmmaker Sam Levinson (“Assassination Nation“, “Euphoria“) written and shot black and white film, an intimate chamber play with ex-Disney star Zendaya and”Tonet“- Actor John David Washington, causes a lot of discussion on the net.

Home cinema # 2!

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A cry for help inflated by Levison against media incomprehension for his previous film history? Or a justified and interesting criticism of the current creative and film landscape? Maci and Chris discuss the Netflix-produced flick and the controversial filmmaker.

In addition, there is a lot of exciting news that shot through the world of the Internet in the last few days. Is fan favorite Darth Maul actually returning to the Star Wars universe? And what about the remake of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith“by (and with) Donald Glover (“Community“, “Solo: A Star Wars Story“, “Atlanta“) and Phoebe Waller-Bridge (“Fleabag”, “Solo: A Star Wars Story“). Find out in the second issue and subscribe to Heim Kino Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to write us your opinion on the film, Maci and Chris are very curious to hear your very personal impressions. Have fun with the episode!

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Topics in Episode # 02 – Timecodes:

00:00:00 – intro and greeting
00:02:26 – Blitz-News!
00:30:26 – Your community contributions
00:55:20 – Malcolm & Marie (Netflix Original)

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