Malvinas fleet closes campaign and faces post-Brexit tariff

The fleet signed a first campaign very similar to that of 2019

This first campaign ended on April 28. The data managed by the Department of Natural Resources of the island Government puts the total catches of Loligo to date at 58,578 tons, a volume very similar to that achieved in the first of 2019 and also in all of last year, when the lowest quantity since 2016 was signed (with 60,737 tons). “The last four years have maintained good averages, with good fishing management; the fishing ground is in good condition, “say sources from the Vigo shipowners.

Waiting for the market to adjust to the abundant quantity of the cephalopod that will reach the industry in the coming weeks in Vigo (around 90% of Malvinas fish exports arrive in the city) or Marín, companies are preparing for tariffs. Attempts to have the archipelago’s special situation (due to its high dependence on fishing and the community market) be included in the EU agreement with the United Kingdom were unsuccessful and Malvinas, like the rest of overseas territories, was left out of the pact. Since then, the island government, the Spanish Ministry of Fisheries and the sector They are working to try to achieve a tariff quota for Patagonian squid to relieve firms.

  • The Galician fleet heading towards uncertainty

“Work is being done on it, but it is complicated because the quotas were negotiated last year for three years,” explains one of the affected shipowners.

The solution of the tariff quota was tried to move already before this first campaign so that it could be applied as soon as possible. The sector already give up this possibility and tries now that, if achieved, it can be applied retroactively since it is a special case by the Brexi. “We have found a good predisposition on the part of the Ministry and we are waiting for news,” they explain.

One of the first downloads of the year in Malvinas. Craig Thain

The 16 ships are now sailing towards Vigo, where they will make a stop until the beginning of the second campaign of the year, which will begin in August. As the rest of the fishing sector pursues, the companies hope that this rest between tides will also serve to vaccinate their crews against the coronavirus. However, the Ministry of Health has not yet ruled and Galicia, like other communities, continues to wait.


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