A five-year-old mother has vowed never to shop at Tesco again after quarreling over a Christmas turkey with coworkers.

Claire Harrison went to the supermarket to buy some things – including a cheap turkey for Christmas.

But after paying at the self-service checkout, Ms. Harrison, her husband, aunt and mother were approached by staff.

PlymouthLive reports that Tesco employees demanded proof of purchase as a proof of purchase.

And Mrs. Harrison claims she was told they could not leave until they proved they had paid.

She said, "I felt so humbled with all the customers there.

"I've been there for eight years and will never get a foothold there.

"I am a 31 year old mother with five children, I am not a criminal."

Claire added, "It was me, my mother, my husband and my aunt." We went in and went to the self-service checkouts.

"My aunt was at a cash register, my husband at another and my mother at the next one.

"My aunt bought her shopping and paid for it, and my husband (with whom I was with) did the same.

"Then one of the self-checkout staff members went to my aunt and said," Did you pay that? "And she said, yes, I did."

"They walked around our shopping bags and tore the slip from my aunt's shopping bag.

"With my husband they took the receipt out of his hand."

Claire said, "My mother, she paid for her things with her bank card and bought a turkey separately for Christmas.

"They asked her for her receipt and she did not know what she had done with it.

"She thought she might have left it in the shopping cart, she found it and it was torn out of her hand.

"There was no excuse, nothing."

Claire claimed the checkout area was full of shoppers and she confronted the employees before storming with her family.

She said she was waiting for a call from Tesco Headquarters at home to explain her actions.

"I've asserted myself," Claire said. "I did not let her treat my aunt, my husband and my mother like that.

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"I said, 'Who the hell do you think you are?' They have intimidated and humiliated us in front of many other customers.

"I got really angry, just like my aunt, why did they approach us and nobody else?"

A Tesco spokesman said: " We are sorry to hear that Mrs. Harrison and her family were dissatisfied with their experiences in the store.

"Our colleagues often run spot checks at self-service checkouts, especially at lunch time, and we can confirm that the correct procedures have been followed."