Two boys, 10 and 23 months old, died in a car accident in Wolverhampton.

The collision took place on Birmingham New Road at the intersection with Lawnswood Avenue on Thursday at 20.45, police said in West Midlands.

The children were in a BMW car with their mother, who was seriously injured and stays in the hospital.

The driver of an Audi A3 who hit the BMW left the scene, while a 31-year-old man driving a third car, a Bentley, was arrested on suspicion of death by dangerous driving.

Medics treated the severely injured boys, but were declared dead at the scene, the West Midlands Rescue Service said.

The accident investigators visited the incident overnight, where a blue Audi A3 was seen with a crumpled front end and a white BMW, which was also heavily damaged.

The BMW's off-airbags were activated and the car had come to a halt after passing through metal roadblocks.

A witness who saw the consequences said it was a "massive" accident and heard "screaming a woman."

The man who lives on the spot and refuses to be named said, "It is very sad to hear that children have been killed."