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Libby Squire has not been seen since his night out at Hull on Jan. 31

An official for the disappearance of Libby Squire detained in the interest of the investigation, police said, police said, while unrelated accusations had been announced.

The 21-year-old student from Hull University has been missing for 10 days and was last seen after a night out.

Humberside police interrogate a 24-year-old man arrested Wednesday in Hull.

Police said that the man had been charged with voyeurism, contempt for public decency and three burglary leaders.

Superintendent Matt Hutchinson said the charges related to offenses reported between December 2017 and January of this year – and not all charges related to Libby's disappearance.

The suspect remains in custody and is scheduled to appear in Hull Court of First Instance on Monday.

"Our priority is to find Libby and support her family during this extremely difficult time," said Superintendent Det Hutchinson.