For the first time in decades, Manchester City appears to be financially competitive with Manchester United.

By the time the Abu Dhabi United Group was acquired in 2008, City was nowhere near far from its bitter rivals, both on and off the field.

However, since its massive investment, City has gained strength by winning four Premier League titles compared to United's three titles at that time and winning real world-class talent for the Etihad Stadium.

And according to the Daily Mail, City is expected to reach United's annual revenue for the 2019-2020 period, with both expected to total around £ 560m.

Manchester City has recently overtaken Manchester United on and off the pitch

This is partly due to the fact that United's revenue has dropped by £ 70 million this season due to the lack of Champions League football this season, and secondly, that City has signed a £ 650 million 10-year contract with the Kit. Manufacturer giant Puma has completed.

United's wages have also fallen by £ 6.8m year-on-year as they do not have to pay any Champions League bonuses.

To showcase their meteoric rise, City's revenue for the 2007/2008 season was only £ 104m, while United's was £ 257m.

United deputy chairman Ed Woodward recently announced his club's first quarter results and admitted that there was a lot to improve.

Ed Woodward is determined to change United's fate

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"Our ultimate goal is to win titles, play fast and smoothly and attack the football with a team that blends the graduates of our academy with the world-class achievements," he said.

"We know that this can not be achieved overnight, but we have made investments throughout the club that we believe have put us on the right path."

City beat United again on the pitch this season and are currently nine points clear of the crowd in the Premier League.

The Premier League champions face a tough home game against Chelsea on Saturday while United take on Sheffield United on Sunday.