A man died after being hit by a taxi in Manchester shortly after he was released by the police.

Greater Manchester police said the man, who was over 60, was heading south on Longsight Street on Stockport Road on Saturday.

Hours before, the man was arrested on suspicion of committing a misdemeanor and released with a prescribed sentence.

Due to the man's contact with the police, the incident was transferred to the Independent Police Department.

The driver of the black taxi, a man of 70, stayed at the scene and helped the police.

There were no arrests.

The road was closed for several hours, but has since been reopened.

Sergeant Jon McColl of the Greater Manchester Police said:

"We talked to several people who stopped at the scene and found Dashcam shots as part of the investigation.

"Our thoughts continue in the family of this man and our support is offered to them.

"As we continue the investigation, we are still interested in hearing from someone who has seen a man on the street earlier or has information about the collision."

– Sergeant Jon McColl, GMP