A shocked father in England could not believe his eyes after discovering a submerged plane on Google Earth.

Robert Morton, 55, found the incredible picture under the sea near Edinburgh.

Doncaster's father of three said the picture seems to show an airliner under the waves.

He told Mirror Online that the discovery was "incredible and very strange."

Fitter Morton said, "I just searched Google Earth on Monday and happened upon the image of the plane.

"It looks like it's the sea off the coast of Edinburgh. It looks like it's underwater.

"It's very, very strange. It's incredible."

"I've never seen a plane on Google Earth, so it's very strange. It seems to be under water. "

The bizarre picture is about 15 km from Edinburgh Airport, off the Scottish coast near Portobello.

So what is the story behind the picture?

Morton says he has never heard of a plane crash in this region – and suggests that there is an earthly solution to the mystery.

He described his find as a "Google anomaly".

Morton added, "I know that the image of the plane is not really in the water, it's probably the satellite that looks at the plane through a thin cloud and gives it that look."

Google was asked for a comment.


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