Man Tries To Kill His Boss By Mixing Saliva From Coronavirus Patient With His Drink

A car salesman in Turkey, who was accused of stealing money from the business he worked for, allegedly tried to kill his boss by adding saliva from a coronavirus patient to his drink.

The case came to light after the owner of the car dealership Ibrahim Unverdi he claimed that one of his employees tried to kill him with the saliva he bought from a Covid-19 positive patient.

Unverdi claimed that Ramazan Cimen, who had worked for three years at his car dealership in Adana, southeast Turkey, had spit on his drink before stealing the money.

Paid $ 70 for spit

Before Ramazan Cimen disappeared, Ibrahim Unverdi had given him the money from the sales of the vehicles to take them to the office.

When the head of the dealership was finally able to reach him by phone, Cimen told him that he had given $ 30,000 to a man who had lent him money and was charging interest, the newspaper reported. Millennium.

Unverdi claimed that he was previously advised by another staff member that the suspect had bought Covid-contaminated saliva for around $ 70 and he guessed that Cimen had added the saliva to his drink before stealing the money, but luckily he did not drink it.

After the contagion attempt failed, Ibrahim told prosecutors that he began receiving threatening messages from Cimen, who became enraged after the incident was reported in the press. “I couldn’t kill you with the virus. Next time I’ll shoot you in the head“he said in one of the threats.

On the other hand, the businessman said that “it is the first time I have heard of such a strange murder technique. Thank God I have not gotten sick (…) if I had been infected with Covid-19 it could have infected my family and those around me. At least if he shot me in the head I would be the only one who would die“Unverdi said.

Ibrahim filed a criminal complaint against Ramazan Cimen, who has now been formally charged with attempted murder and threatening behavior and is being persecuted by the police.

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