Manchester United's Daniel James had a stormy start to the season – and the secret could be his happy haircut.

Footballers are known for their superstition before the game, and James is no different – he regularly undertakes a 400-mile round trip to see the only man he trusts in with his Barnet.

This man is Rhys Bell at the Stay Fresh Studio in Swansea, where James played for five years, before joining United for £ 15m this summer.

Whether it's the haircuts or not, the Wales winger, who scored three goals for United in five games this season, is definitely fine.

The 21-year-old wants to be fit for West Ham after an ankle injury today – and when he plays, he hopes his trim will make him better than the others.

Daniel James has scored three for United and one for Wales so far this season

"Dan does not trust anyone with his hair and tries to see Rhys whenever he can before he plays," a buddy told the Daily Star.

"He likes to get a happy haircut, and so far the ornaments are a pleasure.

"It's pretty old to do a haircut, but Daniel thinks it's worth it."

Bell – who describes himself on his Instagram as an exclusive hairdresser, who has nearly 5,000 followers – it's no surprise that James returns to Wales to get his hair curled.

He said, "We have become good friends and he only trusts me because I'm the best in Swansea – and, apparently, in the northwest as well.

"He's still coming down, but I sometimes go up to meet him."

James suffered an ankle injury when defeating Leicester last weekend and scores 50-50 to qualify the team for today's away fixture at the Hammers.

Luke Shaw was eliminated after failing to recover from a thigh injury in time, while Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial also doubted beating.