Danny Murphy meets with Darren Fletcher and Mark Chapman at Old Trafford on Sunday to watch Manchester United's highlights against Liverpool on MOTD2 at 22:30 BST on BBC One and the BBC Sport website.

If they play Manchester United on Sunday, Liverpool will play the same as they always do because they will not change that for anyone.

This means that by default they play 4-3-3 and play on the front foot in Old Trafford – like every week they try to win the game.

United does not play with confidence at the moment and does not have much firepower. From Liverpool's point of view, this is a real opportunity.

Whoever is fit for United, I think their attitude is a bit anxious right now, and Liverpool will know that they may be nervous.

So they can go to United, they examine and test and try to win the ball high on the field.

If the intensity of Liverpool is as high as usual, then United will cause many problems.

Liverpool has less nerves this time

Liverpool's visit to Old Trafford last season on February 24 led to a 0-0 draw for injured Manchester United

The game on Sunday feels very different from last season, which was a missed opportunity for Liverpool, after they were discharged 0-0 after a series of early injuries. United injured Ander Herrera, Juan Mata and Jesse Lingard before the break, while Liverpool lost to Roberto Firmino after half an hour.

There were far more nerves for Jürgen Klopps team – it was the end of February and things were extremely tense at the top of the table, so it was a game they could not afford to lose.

It was not the worst tactic in the world, nor was it the end result of preparing for the break in the old way. It was just costly because Manchester City was so relentless in the title fight. Klopp's team lost only two points in the remaining eleven games – City, however, lost no points at the end of January and won the league by one point.

Liverpool did not create enough – Klopp

It was also a very different United team in February. After Ole Gunnar Solskjaer temporarily took command in December, things were still going well. It was a harder game on paper.

This time United are struggling, while Liverpool have such a good lead at the top of their table after their first eight games that they are unable to come under pressure.

As far as the overall situation is concerned, Liverpool are eight points clear so this time it would not be particularly important if they were beaten, but I do not see that. I support them to win.

If Man Utd attacks, that suits Liverpool

The way I expect it from United, Liverpool should fit to the bottom.

If United comes out and attacks what I think will happen, the Liverpool will play directly in the hands.

When United is at home, there is always a duty for them to engage with the opposition, especially in this particular game – and even more so since they have been active lately.

United needs a reaction in front of their own fans, because their recent performances have been sluggish and lethargic in many ways, without the creativity, energy or speed you expect from them.

This is partly due to injuries, and we still do not know what kind of team Solskjaer will bring out this weekend – another reason why I consider the championship leader such a strong favorite that he scores nine out of nine Premier League victories.

Even though United leans back, which I can not see, it does not make a big difference.

Yes, Liverpool have a harder time against the teams that made it, but they still created chances and always won the game in the end.

If United puts numbers behind the ball and tries to deny Liverpool's place, they're just waiting to be beaten – and I do not think their fans will accept that.

The strikers of Man Utd are dangerous but have no supply

Solskjaer & # 39; very disappointed & # 39; from the loss

I support Liverpool, but I do not see a runaway victory – despite the gap between the two teams.

Much depends on the United team. We know that Paul Pogba is out there, but if Anthony Martial is fit, that will be a big plus for them.

Marcus Rashford's goal for England on Monday in Bulgaria will have done him good too. A front three of him, Martial and Daniel James, is obviously dangerous because of their speed.

But for the moment, United seem to have a problem with the lead – they do not bring the ball up enough times to take advantage of their chances of a striker.

Solskjaer could not solve this problem because his squad does not have sufficient depth of field.

Most of the time, his team almost chose themselves and did not find the right balance in midfield.

In contrast, it does not seem to matter who is in midfield from Liverpool.

Klopp can constantly change players in this area because they all play disciplined roles – they know their jobs and are willing to work hard.

They all track back and push them all. They will help the team to get on the front foot, but they will quickly get into a defensive shape if they have to.

One way is to cover the full backs as they fly forward. Jordan Henderson, for example, fills out the right side if Trent Alexander-Arnold wants to fly high.

In an ideal world, you would want more goals from this section, but let's be honest: winning eight games without really playing well, as Liverpool did, means you do not run out of firepower.

Danny Murphy spoke to Chris Bevan of BBC Sport.