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It was 1-0 for Guardiola’s men, who once again had the Argentine among the headlines after almost six months.

Manchester City smiled again in the Premier League. He did it because they beat Arsenal 1-0 at the Etihad Stadium, on the fifth date of the season. But, above all, because Sergio Agüero returned to play after almost six months inactive. He did it from the start, had a vital participation in the winning goal and showed, in just over an hour of action, that he will soon recover his best version.

Agüero had not played since June 24 when he broke the menisci in his left knee in the game against Burnley, in the resumption of post-quarantine competition. He had to undergo surgery and was left out of the Final 8 of the Champions League and the start of the new season.

And not only did Kun deliver football: he was also the protagonist of two situations that make people talk on social networks. One of lime and another of sand.

In football, beyond the logical lack of rhythm, Kun looked intact. Active in every City attack, the man emerged in Independiente was the manager of the only goal of the afternoon. He handled a counter to perfection, he unloaded for Foden, who was hand in hand with Leno, who covered the shot but could not prevent Raheem Sterling from turning the rebound into a goal when they ran for 22 minutes of play.

The goal gave more confidence to Pep Guardiola’s pupils, who were close to increasing distances, but Leno, this time, was able to defuse the danger posed by Mahrez’s shot.

Little by little, Arsenal began to get ahead on the field of play and disturb the City defense. The Swiss Xhaka had it, but Ederson, brilliant, made God’s way to leave it without an angle and send the shot to the corner.

The second part was much more monotonous. The two teams lacked depth and the game stopped having that intensity that generates tension and a feeling that anything can happen.

After the game hour, Guardiola decided that it was time to give Agüero a rest. Kun, although he was noticed lacking in filming, managed not to clash and keep the defense of Mikel Arteta’s team on alert.

Nor did the Argentine lose his charisma. As he walked to leave the court and make his place for Gundogan, he raised both arms to greet the stands.

Of course, the stands were empty due to the coronavirus pandemic and Agüero not only gave him a mischievous smile, but he repeated the humor again for those who had missed it.

A while before, 42 minutes into the first half, Agüero had been the protagonist of a situation that was far from being cheerful: after arguing loudly with the assistant Sian Massey on the side, he took her by the shoulder and generated controversy for his gesture. The linesman quickly removed her hand and it was all there. The scorer did not even see yellow. Will there be an ex officio sanction?

What else happened on the court? Not much. The complement passed at the tiresome pace that City propelled. Only the drowsiness was shaken when Joao Cancelo ran down the right and threw a dribble in the best Garrincha style that ended in a low center that deflected in David Luiz and came out next to the far post of the Arsenal goal.

Upon the end, the London set tried to speed up. But he lacked holy fire to unsettle Ederson. An Aubameyang free throw that hit the goal was the riskiest the Gunners generated.

In the end it was a smile for Guardiola’s City. And a smile for Agüero who returned to playing football after several months. Although also controversial for his attitude with the linesman.

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