Manchester City leave the losing streak behind and defeat Arsenal | Sports Premier League

Finally he won the Manchester City, they could not miss the opportunity before their favorite ‘son’, the Arsenal, whom they have defeated in 7 consecutive matches of Premier League.

Those of Pep Guardiola They arrived after having obtained only one point from the last six they played, losing to Leicester City and drawing with Leeds United in league games.

At minute 23 it was a goal from Raheem Sterling the one that gave them the victory, after the team spun a play very much in the style of its technical director, with several touches before the definition.

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The Gunners put up little resistance, were beaten but remain at the top of the table as fifth, adding 9 points although in five games, while City, with four, is tenth and reached 7 units.

The positives for the team Mikel Arteta is that they could already debut Thomas Partey, his latest reinforcement during the summer transfer window.

The tournament is long, they have 33 and 34 days left respectively, however, in a competition as even as the English one, the points you leave at the beginning may be the strange ones at the end.

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