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Pep Guardiola’s Swiss watch did not clash at the Etihad Stadium, in the rematch of the Champions League semi-final, and thus his Manchester City certified its place in the final, against a harmless, inoperative PSG, powerless as ever.

The British asserted their 1-2 advantage in the first leg, in Paris, and in the second leg they passed well ahead of the French, with a clear, incontestable 2-0 victory. And the best part: Guardiola finally achieved his goal of being a finalist after failing in the last ten years! And it’s his team’s first final! Nobody will ruin it for him tonight …

The tragedy of facing Manchester City with need is that, no matter how much you fight or how well you play, you will always know that he awaits you with a dagger under his coat: when PSG was better together and excited with a penalty, at 6 minutes , by a Zichenko hand that was not, Mahrez suddenly came out to take a rebound on Ederson’s phenomenal pitch and scored the 1-0. Just 10 minutes!

And at that point, with a 3-1 down, what does it matter: a ball crashed into Marquinhos’s header against the crossbar, a good attempt from the outside to Di María and the roads became dense, beyond the nine that covered the basketball court. Few things as exhausting as attacking without weapons.

Then it was a matter of local administration, which was even able to extend to 30 with the indefatigable De Bruyne or to 45 + 2, when Silva’s shot was barely deflected. Without a doubt, an easier rematch than thought for Guardiola and his team.

That is why in the complement they were more animated and Foden proved the strength of Navas’ hands to the then PSG said goodbye to the final: Zinchenko proposed, Foden crossed and Mahrez scored the double for the final 2-0 (4-1 on global). And it could have been a great goal from City’s wonder boy, who crashed into the post … it must have been, if there were justice, the one that the City machine appropriated by dint of precision, talent, sacrifice and a diaphanous and precise script. . Nothing more to add.

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There was never any risk, it did not get to worry that best version of Neymar -who was able to resign his dreamed Ballon d’Or at the Etihad Stadium-, it was a grief to see Mbappé suffer everything on the platform when his team cried out to sea and, as a culmination , Ángel Di María expelled, at 68 minutes, for attacking Fernandinho off the field.

PSG left, the one who excited, the one who played one of the best matches of the entire Champions League against Bayern Munich, because there is no way to answer the overwhelming superiority of a Manchester City that capitalized on its quota in the first leg of the semifinal and it administered in the rematch, at his home. Are we before the new champion? Very nearly…


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