Manchester Derby 2018 LIVE: Jose Mourinho Press Conference and Current Man City vs. Man United Team News

Manchester Derby 2018 LIVE: Jose Mourinho Press Conference and Current Man City vs. Man United Team News

The win at Juve recalls Mourinho's ability at the highest level

While Cristiano Ronaldo claimed that Manchester United could not avoid hammering in Turin, Jose Mourinho had to recover a setback reminiscent of his abilities at the highest level, writes James Robson.

Ronaldo did not try to hide his frustration after seeing Juventus with a late show for a 2-1 win.

His stunning volleyball seemed to be able to equalize the Champions League knockout rounds, just two goals in the last five minutes to turn the game upside down.

The Portuguese striker insisted on the standard series. The only reason why United had left Italy was with a victory close to qualifying for the knockout round. Juan Mata scored a direct free-kick and Alex Sandro scored after a great ball from his own net Ashley Young in the 89th minute.

But Mourinho was pleased with the impact of his replacements when the match seemed to be lost – Mata, Marcus Rashford and Marouane Fellaini asking questions that Juve coach Max Allegri could not answer.

Ronaldo said: "We are a bit disappointed because we could have easily won the game with three or four goals.

"Manchester, they did not do much in my opinion. You have created two chances, set pieces. I know the English teams, they are always looking for the standards.

"But we've learned from our mistakes and are still the front runners in the group, so we're good."

David de Gea scored superb saves in each half of the game to deny Juve, who was also hit twice before Ronaldo's 65th-minute strike.

Mourinho sent Fellaini to save the game as he sought a more direct approach and welcomed the impact of the Belgian player.

While Ronaldo dismissed United's ability to create from the open play, Mourinho explained the effects of his in-game management, resulting in a notable comeback against the team that he believes is "super favorite" to win the Champions League win.

"I think he was important to bring the team back to life," he said. "When you gave the goal, from a psychological point of view, the team had a time when we went down a bit and Juventus finally had control and was finally dangerous in a counter-attack.


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