Manchester United seeks to strengthen itself with these three players

Manchester United needs to make adjustments as soon as possible, in order to have greater aspirations in the Premier League and in the Champions League, which is why their coach asks for three additions in the next winter market.

November 21, 2020 17:14 hs

The Manchester United he needs to make changes to his squad for the second half of the local tournament; Although it is true he has had a good start in the Champions League with victories against PSG and RB Leipzig and a loss against Istanbul BB, the same is not the case in the Premier League.

In the Premier, accumulates three victories, one draw and three defeats, placing it in 14th place in the table with 10 points, which places them in a difficult situation, for their international aspirations for next year.

To address this situation the DT Ole Gunnar Solskjaer He has asked the board to hire three players, in the next winter market, to reinforce the lines, which show that they have individual capacities that can turn the game around.

The first is the central David Alaba, currently has a contract with the Bayern Munich until next summer, his token has a price of 30 million euros; highlights his ease to adapt on the field occupying the center, left back and midfielder.

The second would be German Sami khedira, a midfielder who has a good offensive projection and has great experience at the international level. The third and no less important would be the French attacker Moussa Dembele, with which he would seek to change the band to Martial being a more tactical area for him and this would be one of the spearheads of the red devils.


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