Man’s world space? These are important movie heroines in space

The universe, a man’s world? In reality, definitely: 560 people have flown into space so far, only 65 of them were women.

It looks similar in the film world. Here is a brief overview of important women in cinema in space:

In “Barbarella” from the 60s Jane Fonda an astronaut, always barely clad, who experiences numerous erotic adventures on her mission. To this day, there is a debate about whether the film is sexist or feminist.

The undisputed space heroine is Sigourney Weaver as officer Ripley in the “Alien”-Line.

In the third Star Wars trilogy, Daisy Ridley plays the scrap collector Rey, who is trained to be a Jedi knight.

Im Science-Fiction-Drama “Interstellar” is Anne Hathaway Part of a mission to save humanity Jessica Chastain the daughter of a scientist.

Sandra Bullock won for her lead in “Gravity” an Oscar and made the astronaut Dr. Stone became one of the most important sci-fi heroines.

In reality, the European Space Agency has so far sent two women into space: the French Claudie Haigneré and the Italian Samantha Cristoforetti. With the current round of applicants, there should be more, according to the British ESA astronaut Tim Peake: “ESA has no quotas for the selection of astronauts, that’s why we want more female applicants, because that will mean that we can employ more astronauts.”

Nichelle Nichols has shown how to ensure more diversity in space: With her role as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura in Star Trek, the actress was the first black woman in a space series. She used her popularity to create more diversity at NASA in the late 1970s. The documentary “Women in Motion” that has now been released tells the story of their engagement.


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