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Industria Bar Mansfield

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Bar owner Jonathan Edwards said drinking with domestic violence goes hand in hand

Bartenders are planning to "black-eye" over the Valentine's weekend so drinkers can talk about domestic violence.

Organizer and bar owner Jonathan Edwards said drinking by force goes hand in hand and hopes the make-up shiners will grab attention.

Around 50 venues in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, have pledged on Friday and Saturday.

Information for help seekers is also displayed in the bars.

Mr Edwards, who owns three bars in the city – Industria Bar, The Cheeky Monkey and Andwhynot – said, "Pubs and clubs are usually associated with domestic violence.

"They are not responsible, but you make people flirt with other people, people who run into exes, and as a sector where domestic abuse can start, it's only right that we do our part.

"If we let make-up for just one person, that's a great result."

  • 1.3 m Female victims; 695,000 men

  • 38 Arrests per 100 recorded offenses

  • 89091 Cases led to prosecution

  • 12% Some of the charges that fail after a victim change their mind to make evidence against the offender

Edwards was inspired to launch the campaign after talking with the Nottinghamshire Independent Domestic Abuse Services (NIDAS) for domestic abuse when they wanted to speak with members of the Mansfield Association of Licensed Venues.

"We have employees who are affected by physical or mental abuse and support employers," he added.

"But sometimes posters just are not enough."

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And the owner, Mr. Edwards, hopes the action can help the sufferers of domestic violence

Sue Ready, project manager at NIDAS, said, "Abuses in all its forms, physical, emotional and economic, just do not go away.

"The legislation is coming, but that alone will not change the attitude – but it could only be the voices of the community.

"Bars and pubs have a big responsibility here and it's great to see them getting stronger with this initiative.

"We know that big events, sporting and symbolic events like Valentine's Day, can put relationships under pressure and lead to abuse, and people need to know that this is unacceptable."

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