manuals in English and courses adapted to the reality of Barcelona

Hong Kong manuals recently arrived from the Far East and educational material produced in Catalonia on urban guerrilla tactics, homemade from “elements of self-defense” and the use of “protection material” are the main weapons that pro-independence platforms have been distributing among activists for two weeks and some of whose tactics have been used in the violent riots this week in the Catalan capital.

The ‘indepe’ platform Civil Disobedience has been distributing manuals on “civil defense” among activists since February 4. On February 15, the day after the elections, he announced on social media: “Having exceeded 50% of the votes in favor of independence there is only one reading: what are we waiting for to make it effective? Let’s free ourselves. “He also forwarded a message from the small group Segona Onada (a derivative of Tsunami Democràic) that claimed that” now that we are more than 50%, we can already say that the only way is that of disobedience and confrontation with a Spain that he wants us submissive. ”

In addition, he launched a premonitory proclamation: “Pablo Hasél is the example that we need. Let us give support to all the companions who are already at the doors of the Rector’s Office of the University of Lleida by giving them support. We encourage everyone who can help. Bring water. , food clothes. Get ready for a long night!“Hours later, the Mossos entered the rectory and took the rapper to jail.

The independence movement spurs its commandos to maintain tension in the streets

Antonio Fernandez. Barcelona

On Tuesday 16, when the riots began, Civil Disobedience distributed among the activists an 85-page manual in English and Burmese noting: “We share a first draft of the manual that is being developed in Hong Kong.” That document contains “tactics, roles, materials and much more.” He also recommended saving a link to follow the evolution of the document. It was material that they did not have time to translate or adapt to the characteristics of the protests in Catalonia.

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And, finally, on the 17th, it began to distribute (via another ‘sister’ platform) some links to the self-defense courses that are of its own harvest and that are adapted to the circumstances of street fighting or the urban guerrilla in Barcelona: one is that of self-defense weapons and the other that of elements to protect the protesters’ bodies.

Other platforms like La Forja, this youth linked to the CUP, also sent schemes and “antirepressant advice”, including what to do when faced with an identification or arrest, what to wear and what not to wear to avoid incriminating yourself. In addition, The Forge distributed a poster copied from Hong Kong techniques showing the optimal equipment that a protester should wear, from respiratory mask to eye serum, umbrella against rubber balls, cellophane wrapped around arms like protection, flame retardant gloves, helmet, or traffic cones “to cover tear gas.” This poster was already used as didactic material in the latest riots in Urquinaona square after the Supreme Court ruling on those accused of organizing the referendum.

Messages from The Forge. (The Forge)

Civil DisobedienceHowever, it is the one that takes the cake in the distribution of manuals and the delivery of courses. During the pandemic, this platform began to teach theory and urban guerrilla courses through the internet, with an eye toward ending the state of alarm and controlling, once again, the streets of Catalonia. His lessons go through how to control the territory through collective, group and individual tactics. His lessons were the same about how to advance and face the police lines as about the techniques to camouflage themselves in the demonstrations, using tricks to avoid being identified. Last October, it stated that it had more than 100 activists “willing to work” to carry out “proactive actions” in favor of independence.

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But, apart from these lessons, the latest events caused this week to distribute the two courses most related to the urban guerrilla. Y distributed by the Telegraph platform. In the manual on protective equipment, it details the police equipment (with elements on the back, legs, head or hands) and the platform proposes articles available to everyone, but for protesters. For example, “to protect the head you can use a bicycle, construction site or motorcycle helmet”. The goggles must be “impact goggles. Work goggles that can be purchased at any hardware store or ski goggles or motocross goggles.” Gloves can be used for motorcycle or some specialized jobs.

The jacket must have protections. “A motorcycle jacket with protections or a winter jacket with protections for the back, arms and a turtle on the back.” Another accessory that can be used, according to the manuals, is the sports or motorcycle turtle because “it protects our back against blows from the truncheon or attacks from the ‘milkmaids'”. The jerseys, meanwhile, must go with ‘buff’ or with a hood. “It allows not to be vulnerable for later identifications with false accusations.” The pants are the so-called tactical: “Pants with anti-breakage protections, such as hunting, firefighters or mountain are agile and prevent breakage in the middle of a mobilization”.

Photo: Protest in support of Hasél in Barcelona.  (Reuters)
Another day of protests in Catalonia: two detainees in Barcelona and two in Girona

EC / Agencies

For the legs are recommended knee pads and leg and tibia protectors “to protect against blows from the truncheon or falls”. Boots are also ‘tactical’. “In mobilizations, sprains of the ankle or being stepped on are common. Protecting this vulnerable part of the body will help us to maintain positions.”

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Finally, the manuals also recommend carrying shields. “Disassembling traffic signs, garbage can lids, cut wood with handles, methacrylate panels with handles, disassembled suitcases, as well as doors of street electrical panels can serve as protection against police abuse.” Remember the manual that “self-protection equipment it is still a personal security measure necessary for those people on the front line or who participate in direct action at the forefront of the movement, thus avoiding the maximum number of casualties or disqualification of the people participating in the actions “.

Regarding the elements of self-defense, are the barricades, homemade truncheons to confront the agents, throwing various objects, such as a handmade acoustic cannon, flares or firecrackers, as reported by El Confidencial this Friday.

Photo: Protest in support of Hasél in Madrid.  (Sergio Beleña)
The night of riots in the Hasél protests leaves 19 arrested in Madrid and 29 in Catalonia

Europa Press

This platform considers that pacifism “is a pathology of independence” and that “wanting to live in peace does not mean being a pacifist.” And he affirms that although pacifism has made many people embrace the procés ‘procés’ independence, “it is at the same time one of the glass ceilings of the independence movement to self-determine the Spanish authoritarian state.” They affirm from this platform that “we have been wrong, as a national liberation movement, to believe the discourse that by doing things that people like the most, we will suddenly become a Independent state (…) That will not happen until we carry out a sustained coup that forces state and international powers to recognize us as an independent state. ”

Remember, in this sense, that it was this platform that coined the phrase of the “intelligent confrontation with the Spanish state” before it was popularized by Carles Puigdemont as a strategic line on his roadmap last summer

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