Mar puts on the table the legal path to stop the negative effects of Brexit

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Juan Capens


20/02/2021 17:07 h

Following the agreement of Brexi closed at Christmas, the Xunta value as negative everything concerning the fisheries and the interests of Galicia, but decided to commission two reports from independent organizations to share a deeper analysis with the sector. This saturday the Minister of the Sea, Rosa Quintana, move to Galician Fisheries Council the conclusions of these works, which will be the roadmap of the Galician strategy and which are conclusive, because the conclusion of the Executive now is that the agreement is very negative in both the short and medium and long term for the sector.

One of the reports was entrusted to the Institute of European Studies Salvador de Madariaga from the University of A Corua, and was presented by the director of the center himself, Jos Manuel Sobrino. In his opinion, the trade and cooperation pact between the European Union and the United Kingdom, of provisional application, can be subject to judicial control by the Court of Justice of the EU, for which he proposes two scenarios, one of prior control upon ratification, and a later one. Among other issues, it proposes to request – through the European Parliament or the Government of Spain – an advisory opinion to the court emergency, given the impending ratification debate in the House.

In the event that it is ratified, the institute warns that the agreement can be instituted even by natural and legal persons, focusing the appeal on trying to estimate the agreement as contrary to EU law, which could lead to its annulment or invalidity.

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The other report, that of the Fundacin MarInnLeg, addresses aspects related to equal conditions in the commercial sphere and warns that corrective measures could be adopted within the bilateral relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom in the event of negative effects on trade. The document focuses on the bilateral relations between the United Kingdom and Norway or Iceland; and suggests studying in depth the fisheries management in the Svalbard Islands by the distribution of the cod quotas in these waters.

The contents of the reports have been transferred to the members of the Galician Fisheries Council for more detailed analysis in the working group that will establish the priorities of the fishing sector in the coming years. In addition, Quintana wants to pass them on to the director of Maritime Affairs of the European Commission and to the president of the Fisheries Commission of the European Parliament.

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