Marcelo Bielsa (right) looks forward to a 3-0 victory over Salford on Tuesday

Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa has long been known for his unusual approach.

In his 15 months in England, the Argentinian nicknamed "El Loco" – the madman – was punished for spying on oppositionists. He received a spontaneous press conference explaining the methods of his coaching philosophy, and urged his team to allow an opponent to spy on them in an undoubted equalizer.

He is also very much inclined to the obvious annoyance of some fans to call his team a few days before a game.

Bielsa has decided to turn over a new hand this season to satisfy the fans of his team.

Or maybe not.

Asked what the team would think about Wigan for the World Cup trip on Saturday, he said: "I can not name the team before the match because one supporter said I would tell the opposition a lot, but between you and me it's the same team. "

This means that United's starting grid is the same as the one that started 1-1 against Nottingham Forest: Casilla, Dallas, White, Cooper, Douglas, Phillips, Hernandez, Forshaw, Klich, Harrison, Bamford.

Do not tell Wigan, okay?

Take a look at Bielsa's remarkable PowerPoint presentation