Marcelo Flores makes brutal play ‘a la Messi’ in Arsenal practice

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England / 12.01.2021 16:48:23

There is no doubt that Marcelo Flores placeholder image It is one of the great illusions that the mexican soccer to future. The juvenile of Arsenal does not stop dazzling strangers with its great quality and shows the last jewel that he gave in a training session with the Sub-18 of the Gunners.

He MexicanSkillful and handsome, he took the ball with his close-up marker, showed him the ball, threw a bicycle and when he was deceived that he was going to throw it long, with two movements he broke his waist to face the goalkeeper.

The reaction of those present to the madness they have just seen from Flores it was great. Some took their heads in disbelief and others applauded the humiliation with the ball that he did to their partner.

And it is that this type of plays have already become common in Marcelo. Spouts, crack plays or fantasy goals are the daily bread of the footballer of the Mexican team.

Already on several occasions, Mikel Arteta has called him to train with the first team alongside figures such as Granit Xhaka, Dani Ceballos, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang o Alexandre Lacazette.

What will happen to your future? For which senior team will you play?

Although Marcelo Flores placeholder image has done all his inferior in the Tricolor, for a few weeks it was known that Canada He has also contacted his environment and they will try to convince him to go play with that country, he has even already been integrated into a call for an internship cycle in Florida.

Her sisters, Silvana what plays for Mexico and Tatiana that defends the colors of EnglandThey also have that nationality.

This does not mean that Marcelo Flores can no longer play with the Aztec team, Since by FIFA regulations, only when they play an official game with a major team, the rule of not wearing more shirts is valid. Case similar to that of Efrain Flores, who already played a Mundial Sub 17 with Mexico and recently trained with the U.S.


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