Marcelo Gallardo, can you manage Barcelona?

By the end of 2019, Marcelo Gallardo was considered to take over Barcelona and at the beginning of 2020 he had the chance to sit on the bench at Camp Nou: The year had already started with River and he was not going to leave with the preseason started. Therefore, in High pressure they analyzed the Doll’s career and debated whether the coach is up to the task of making the leap to European football.

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Gringo Cingolani took the post and, firstly, he was incredulous at Barcelona’s call to Gallardo and then he remembered the words of Robert Pirés a few weeks ago: “Who called him? I need names, because here Robert Pirés said they don’t know him in Europe”, to which Hugo Balassone replied: “There was a formal offer, the precise information. Gallardo said no by personal decision. Gallardo was called by Eric Abidal, who was Barcelona’s technical secretary and was a partner of the Doll in Monaco.”

For his part, Guido Glait said: “Gallardo is more than Quique Setién, Ronald Koeman and Ernesto Valverde, as he will not be able to direct Barcelona”, making reference to the Doll’s tactical skills and ensuring that he has what it takes to take charge of such a powerful and representative entity as the culé.

Then Cingolani continued: “For European football, Jorge Sampaoli is 100 steps above Gallardo. Gallardo is not located in Europe”, hinting that the Millionaire’s strategist does not have the necessary conditions to lead a club as big as the Blaugrana team. Likewise, the journalist continued with his idea and gave the example of an Argentine coach in Barcelona: “After Tata Martino, in Barcelona they will not hire an Argentine DT again”, released.

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Later, Cingolani listed the Argentine coaches who, in his opinion, are above Gallardo: “Sampaoli, Pochettino, Simeone, Bielsa and Lionel Scaloni. They all have more capacity than Gallardo to lead any big club in Europe.”

After the statements of the journalist Balassone, he refuted: “Except for Simeone and Pochettino, the others you named are 15 years younger. Gallardo still has a career ahead of him.” Finally, Lucas Beltramo affirmed that “if it gives him to lead Barcelona and in Europe”, but he took distance: “The question is whether he is going to succeed or is he going to do well”, to which Nicolás Cambiasso replied: “Better than the last technicians that Barcelona had, surely it will be better for him “.

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