Mariano signs his departure from Real Madrid

When the season began, there were few in the Real Madrid those who already made it very clear that Mariano Diaz I was barely going to have minutes in the set directed by Zinedine Zidane.

Among other things because the own Zidane already made it very clear to Florentine Pérez that he had no intention of having the Spanish striker. It is no secret that the coach has a predilection (logical seeing his performance) for Karim Benzema and that, in the event that the Frenchman could not play or wanted to give him rest, he would prefer to have Wound Jovic.

But Florentine, knowing that he was not going to sign anyone, he opted to stay at a Mariano that, so far, he has only played six games so far this year, accumulating only 275 minutes in which he has only scored one goal.

Mariano’s new destination

Taking into account that one of the signings that the white team is going to make this summer is that of a striker, the environment of Mariano and the Madrid they are already looking for a way out for Spanish.

Mariano Diaz

And it is none other than him West Ham English who, at least for the moment, seems to be the best candidate to take over the services of the forward. Those of London they have sold their striker Sebastien Haller al Ajax of Amsterdam for 22 million euros, and they tell from the English media that the British team would seek to invest those profits in taking over the forward of the Madrid.

How could it be otherwise seeing his role in the staff of Zidane, the player has already let the club know that he would be delighted with the idea of ​​packing his bags and going to a West Ham in which, of course, I would have many more opportunities than in the Real Madrid.

It remains to be known now to what extent Florentine Pérez, who wants to get millions of euros from anywhere to be able to go after big names in summer, will facilitate or not his exit.

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