Marilina Bertoldi, Fiona Apple, Miranda! and more videos that came out this week

Throughout this week there were several premieres to highlight. Some opted for the ambiguity of pictorial pieces, as is the case of Fiona Apple or the comeback as a soloist of Martin Gore. There were premieres that drew attention for evoking dreamy atmospheres, such as the new Miranda! next to Javiera mena or the last video you posted Wife.

Others simply seduced us by accentuating expressiveness on walks, as the new from dynasty and of My Invincible Friend next to Ruzzi. And obviously we couldn’t stop mentioning the amazing session of Marilina Bertoldi for KEXP.

dinastia – “snooze”

Julián Larquier published Alcazaba, his first solo album under the name of dynasty. After anticipating what was coming with “the voice of a thousand” and “undead”, the former Jvlian released the video of “snooze” directed by Juan Renau Y Count X. A sequence shot accompanies the vocalist as he walks down the street wearing armor while demonstrating his acting skills through a succession of gestures and grimaces that culminate in a photo shoot.

The Woman – “Cool Colorado”

After “Paradigme”, Wife continues to evoke the 70s with the video of “Cool Colorado“Inspired by the feeling of freedom that the first American state to legalize marijuana gave them, the pioneering trio of the new wave of French pop immerses us in the psychedelia of their next album.

Martin Gore – “Mandrill”

Following Depeche Mode’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Martin Gore released a preview of his new solo album, the EP The Third Chimpanzee. With an abstract imprint that combines Jackson Pollock’s brushwork with Stan Brackage’s experimentation, the video for “Mandrill“It strengthens the mysterious aura of the track and highlights the spectral figure of the animal that its title refers to. Find out the details of his next EP in this note.

Frijo ft. ByMonkid – John C – “Club”

Free released a preview of his debut album Dreamer Boy shortly after releasing the single “D Rouse”. Accompanied by ByMonkid Y John C, the rags spark the base with a galloping and energetic beat. Along with the track came a video that has the audiovisual direction of shotbyKSM and in which the three figures throw lines in the rooms of an old house.

My Invincible Friend and Ruzzi – “Something is not over”

To celebrate the departure of Our world, the EP that brings together his latest releases, My Invincible Friend premiered the audiovisual piece of his song with Mariana Ruzzi. In his scenes, Mariano Di Césare and the Mexican artist stroll through a terrace singing directly to the camera that accompanies their steps. Everything happens on a cloudy afternoon that does not need the sun to transmit the brilliance of its luminescence.

Princess Alba – “Dame”

The Chilean artist presented her most recent single with Francisco Victoria and the renowned Spanish producer Alizzz, after having also worked together in previous collaborations. Princess Alba once again demonstrates the ease with which he fuses genres such as pop, trap and R&B in a track that came out with a video that highlights the elegance and motor skills of his aesthetic proposal.

Fiona Apple – “Shameika”

One of the most acclaimed albums of this 2020 was Fetch The Bolt Cutters, the fifth in the career of the New York artist. Directed by Matthias Brown, the animated black and white video for “Shameika“shows a mouth singing the melody on a fickle background. According to Fiona Apple, the lyrics were inspired by the support of a classmate during the difficult teenage years at school. From this, both reunited after a long time to record a remix entitled “Shameika Said”.

Marilina Bertoldi – “Full Performance (Live on KEXP at Home)”

Marilina Bertoldi performed a show at La Cúpula del Centro Cultural Kirchner exclusively for KEXP, the iconic Seattle radio. In the framework of the Latinx Heritage Month, the Santa Fe artist and the journalist Albina Cabrera discussed the many details of the importance of their role in the national scene. The repertoire of the session reveals all the charisma and energy that characterizes the winner of the 2018 Gardel Prize, with more intimate versions and new arrangements of “Amuleto”, “Fumar de Día”, “Más y más” (cover by Rosa Draco ) and “Remis”.

Miranda! and Javiera Mena – “Between the two”

Miranda! Y Javiera mena joined forces in this new song that was accompanied by a video made by Alejandro Ros. The Argentine duo comes to get the most out of virtuality with a streaming show from the Movistar Arena, where they presented the musical telenovela For loving love. Combining sensuality and mystery, the video for “Between the two” has a kaleidoscopic aesthetic: the images blend together with an enchantment that is as poetic as it is ghostly.

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