Marjorie Taylor Greene is criticized on social media for a tweet demanding “ loyalty to Trump ”


The American representative Marjorie Taylor Greene faces accusations of authoritarianism after declaring “loyalty to Trump” as one of the fundamental principles of the Republican Party.

The comment was part of a poisonous tweet Greene wrote to the rep. Adam Kinzinger, an anti-Trump Republican congressman from Illinois.

“You are not fighting for the soul of the Republican Party,” the Georgia congresswoman wrote on Sunday. “You sold your soul and you sold to the Republican Party [porque] You have no idea what Republican voters think and feel, which is #AmericaFirst and loyalty to Trump. “

The observers in Twitter they opposed his “cult” loyalty.

“Loyalty to one man rather than any set of values ​​or ideas is a big deal,” tweeted one user.

“Loyalty to Trump?” another commented. “Is this ‘Goodfellas’ or the United States government?”

“Loyalty to Trump … That’s the problem,” Greene wrote another tweet. “It should be a party, not a person, and his inability to see @GOP’s fascist address is where America First will become America Last.”

Greene and Kinzinger have been on opposite sides of a war for the future of their party. Kinzinger, who voted for the second impeachment of Donald Trump, started a political action committee to support Republican candidates with “traditional conservative values” against the party’s pro-Trump insurgents.

Greene, meanwhile, has defended those insurgents. He regularly pledges his allegiance to Trump and until recently promoted QAnon and other right-wing conspiracy theories in the social media. When the House of Representatives voted to strip her of her committee seats as punishment for those seats, Kinzinger joined the vote.

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More recently, the two representatives have opposed each other in a proxy war in Texas’ sixth congressional district.

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After district congressman Ron Wright died of Covid-19 in February, a special election was called to replace him. Trump supported his widow, Susan Wright, which, of course, meant that Greene supported her as well. Meanwhile, Kinzinger supported Republican anti-Trump Michael Wood.

Wright won first place in the election and will move on to the second round. Wood was in ninth.

“Your guy got 9th place on @AdamKinzinger and Trump endorsed Susan Wright for first place on # TX06,” Greene scoffed in his tweet.

Yet even amid his candidate’s defeat, some on Twitter credited Kinzinger for trying.

“@RepKinzinger represents what the Republican Party was 20 years ago … the true conservative party,” commented one user. “Today’s Republican Party? I have no idea. ¿Autocracy?”


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