Mark Kent, on humanitarian work in the Malvinas: “It was very exciting”

He has been ambassador to Argentina for four and a half years and is on his way to five, as he will conclude his task in September when his successor arrives. Until then, his goal will be “to continue looking for links and strengthening relationships.”

“The relationship with Argentina must be the closest that the United Kingdom has in comparison with the other Latin American countries,” said the diplomat.


Mark Kent made a balance on the Humanitarian Project Plan that managed to materialize between June and August 2017 in the Falkland Islands: “It was something unique and historic that the Argentines, the British, the families of the fallen, achieved. Of the 122 unnamed graves in the Darwin cemetery, 115 were identified, only 7 are missing and this work continues ”, he highlighted.

And he recalled that “we used two flights with family members to see the grave of their loved ones, it was very exciting.” Kent He defined this project as the most important professional job of his career “because you can see the difference you can make in people’s lives, something very important,” he said.


Referring to the administration of the vaccine, he highlighted two aspects: production by the AstraZeneca companies and its partners in Argentina and Mexico, and distribution. In this sense, he proposed to discuss how the vaccine will be distributed in an equitable way: “If we do not give access to the countries and all the people within the countries who need the vaccine, we will not get out of the pandemic,” he said.

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“In Great Britain we are coming out of a very difficult time, there it is in winter and it was quite a hard blow in the last two weeks, but the cases are already falling and the vaccination plan is being advanced,” commented the ambassador. “Up to this date, 16 million people who are in the high-risk group have already been vaccinated. We are going to see a drop in the number of cases in the coming weeks ”, he estimated.


The United Kingdom ambassador relativized the importance of what Brexit meant for his country today: “We are looking for free trade agreements, evaluating other markets, including Mercosur, Argentina are possibilities in the future.” And he considered that “leaving the European Union gives us more possibilities to make our own free trade agreements that can be faster and more focused on what the country itself needs.”

Regarding the relationship with the rest of Latin America, the ambassador considered that even more can be done, specifically with regard to climate change: “Argentina is a very important actor in this climate change issue, with many possibilities for energy renewable and are also large agricultural producers ”. (

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