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Martin Lewis gives a “big warning” to millions of people who hope to go on vacation


Millions of Britons are hoping for a summer vacation in the coming months as the government is ready to set up air bridges.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs currently advises against all advice except the essential ones, but has said it is continually reviewing them.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has confirmed that air bridges will replace 14 days of quarantine for British returning from abroad.

However, Martin Lewis has issued a warning for those wishing to travel abroad.

The money-saving expert urged everyone to check their passports before setting off to make sure the holidays aren’t ruined before they even get started.

Speaking on ITV this morning (June 29), Martin said that people wishing to book a trip abroad should renew their passport “as soon as possible” if it is due to expire due to reports of delays due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Martin said: “Here is a big caveat, in addition to checking the date of the European Health Insurance Card (TEAM) and checking the validity date of the passport.

Since June 15, non-essential stores have been able to reopen.

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“Since renewal takes time for some people, if the renewal is invalid and that means you can’t travel, don’t expect a refund for cancellation from the hotel or flight.

“And don’t expect your travel insurance to cover you for an invalid passport.”

He also warned the British to check their EHIC card – which allows vacationers to get medical care and treatment abroad, if they need to, in another European country.




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