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These days there are three series of streaming they have taken over the conversation. Bridgerton (Netflix), Mandalorian (Disney +) and Wandavision (Disney+).

And although the latter opens just this Friday, public expectations are high. After all, it is the first original series of Marvel for the platform streaming.

“This is Marvel Studios’ first foray into television with an incredible cast and characters that we’ve already seen in the movies. And the idea was always to do something that couldn’t be done in the movies “, explained the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige, at a press conference attended BioBioChile.

“There were a lot of meetings before people really understood what we were trying to do; and we’re only sitting here today because Jac (Schaeffer, the series creator) and Matt (Shakman, the director) did. AND they were able to turn a crazy idea into a spectacular series ”, he claimed.

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The Mandalorian

The series will debut in the midst of the phenomenon it has generated The Mandalorian, the first series of Star Wars for Disney +, and of which Marvel and Wandavision they were influenced.

“We were all working on WandaVision before seeing The Mandalorian“Feige began, before acknowledging that they have rescued some elements of the production starring Pedro Pascal.

“Still, there is a lot of The Mandalorian that has inspired us in Marvel Studios, some of it is the StageCraft [plataforma de producción virtual integrada] that we are using in some future projects ”, he explained.

Disney +

“However, I think it was wonderful to see the incredible work Disney and the Disney marketing team did to turn it into an event (weekly),” he added.

“We want people to understand that these projects on Disney Plus are just as important as the projects that go to theaters., and we want them to feel the same emotion. And the Disney marketing team, which is the best in the world, the best of all time, frankly, did it, “he said.

“With The Mandalorian, they showed that they can do it spectacularly well with Disney plus ”, he declared and added that they also managed to keep the fun on a weekly basis and the discussions around the series in the public, something they seek to replicate with Wandavision.

Week to week

The head of Marvel also affirmed that the strategy of launching chapters week by week can be complex, but that Disney knew how to do it.

“I think Disney was very smart to do it weekly because that conversation that happens every week about the episodes, is very important, and frankly, it’s a lot of fun.”, said.

“Every time I witness that, I experience it and join in that conversation with The Mandalorian, I’m excited for the premiere of Wandavision and the way we build it ”, he closed.

The first two episodes of Wandavision debut this Friday on Disney +.


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