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Tom Holland seems to be doing everything right in his career. But he failed when auditioning for an important role in “Star Wars”. The reason for this is a droid that made him laugh at the casting.


For hardly any other young actor in Hollywood things are currently going as well as Tom Holland. When Peter Parker aka Spider-Man in the MCU became a superstar and while Marvel fans are waiting for “Spider-Man 3”, which will be released in December, we will also play the role of the popular adventurer Nathan Drake in early 2022 Watch the video game adaptation “Uncharted”.

Tom Holland is not only subscribed to blockbusters, but can also let off steam in mid-budget films such as “Cherry” or “The Devil All The Time”, while he also plays the leading role in the Pixar animation film “Onward” could.

However, Tom Holland doesn’t get every role he wants either. In an interview with the magazine Backstage the Spidey actor has now revealed that he auditioned for Disney’s “Star Wars” trilogy. But an unexpected circumstance during the casting made him lose his composure and ruined his dream.

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That’s why MCU star Tom Holland failed at the “Star Wars” casting

Tom Holland, actually applied for the role of the stormtrooper and later resistance fighter Finn in “Star Wars – The Force Awakens”. He said he had already progressed four to five rounds in the application process when droid noises (Tom Holland mistakenly says “drone”) caught him on the wrong foot:

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“I remember playing this scene with a woman […] and she was just a drone. I said things like ‘We have to go back to the ship!’ and she just did ‘Bleep, bloop bloop, bleep bloop’. I just couldn’t stop laughing. I found it so funny and felt really bad because she tried really hard to play a compelling android or drone or whatever they are called. Of course I didn’t get the role. “

We strongly believe that the woman Holland approached wanted to imitate BB-8, with whom Finn eventually had some interactions in “Star Wars 7”.

In retrospect, Tom Holland may blame the fit of laughter for his failure at the casting. But the fact that he doesn’t know that these “whatever they are called” are called droids in the “Star Wars” universe suggests that the preparation is not entirely perfect.

But kidding aside. If Tom Holland had actually been allowed to play Finn in the “Star Wars” sequels, the character would have been very different. Instead, of course, the role went to John Boyega, who, by the way, can no longer speak of his involvement in the star saga:

So John Boyega reckons with “Star Wars” (and Hollywood)

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