Mary Dee Vargas and JJ. OO .: “We are climbing at full speed to reach the points”

“I weigh 48 kilos and my partner 100. We couldn’t both do judo, there was no possibility, and there was also the rumor that the tournaments were going to be resumed, but nobody knew when.” If the practice of sport was affected in Chile as a result of the pandemic, the judo is one of the most affected.

So for Mary Dee Vargas (-48), the best option was to move to Europe (particularly France, and then Turkey), to be able to continue with their training. More importantly, with the real option of securing a position in the next few Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo during 2021, traveling outside the country appeared as an opportunity that could not be missed.

“Now we are resuming, I think we are judo and karate who are waiting to know and confirm if the classification is ready. We have to keep competing, keep getting points and thus, add up to establish ourselves well in the classification, because o if not, at any time the ranking can be triggered and we lose the ranking, “said the national athlete.

Although the deadline to register for the next Olympic event is until June 28 of next year, it counts in Game Pattern, of PAUTA radio, stop working with the same intensity is not a viable path. Especially if it is taken into consideration that “now with all the Covid they have been restricted a lot to the most top, and those are going to be the ones that are going to give us points for the Olympic classification “.

Being in Turkey, Mary Dee has managed to train and see direct rivals in the fight to reach Tokyo, so the study and the friction that she has been able to acquire these months are fundamental points for her preparation.

“I am now in continental classification, which means one of the best in the continent, but it is not a safe classification. It may be that today and tomorrow other competitors will pass and take my quota […] Yes or yes one has to have a world quota, be within the 27 best at the Olympic level. I am 35 and we are climbing at full speed to try to reach the points, “he assured Game Pattern.

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